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my quetes loaded, its for the vallas. ill put it in your face, and you wont say nada.

chicano. and im brown and proud. want this chingaso? simon, i said lets get down. right now. in the dirt. whats the matter, you afraid youre gonna get hurt?

some of you wanna know whats happenin, '"que pasa"

that song reminds me of jr. high school/victor. i want the instrumental. this is the closest thing to the actual lyrics i could find on the net. frightening. makes me wish american me was on dvd. *teehee*. a damn shame.

hispanic gangs.

i remember in 7th grade some dude form hazard came to my school to speak. that also might have also been the same day mc blvd came to preform. though, i doubt it.

i went awol with this rad chick from orange street when i was ~14. she was cool, but got on my nerves (she wanted to go to cudahy to party, i wanted to shower and sleep), so i ditched her at her uncles house. since i was then alone in norrrwalk and the facility was in north hills (we hitched it with a truck driver on the way down. heh), i called the cops and told them i was awol, figuring that theyd take my ass back so i could sleep. when i called they said "were not a taxi service". i was like "IM 14, AND AWOL. COME GET ME". so they sent someone. the cops were ok, i guess. bought me a soda on the way back and let me sleep. they had me in handcuffs though, which sucked for a few minutes till i slipped em off. they thought that was funny. one of the cops that drove me back said that id make a shit load of money as a stripper (some guy stopped us to ask directions to the local strip club) if i had bigger tits. nice. they knew the girl i went awol with. they said her and her whole family were crazy. si. i wonder how shes doing. i remember her fist day. she was like "damn that guy is fine". i was like "girl", "no, thats guy", "LIZ, COME HERE", "oh". hahaha. i thought liz was kinda cute too till i noticed the big ole hooters. she made a good looking guy. probably cause she knew how to dress.

*(funny thing that happened while i was at the jack in the box payhone waiting for the cops) this guy from... i forget where, it might have been a crew. anyhow, he came up to me and gave me a dollar. i thought "wtf, he must think im starving (i dont think youve ever seen me this tiny. i didnt have an ass. pants never hung correctly. i always wore a jacket so no one notice) and homeless (i still had makeup on and my hair done from days before)". then when i looked at it he had written his phone number across it with black maker. he was hot, so i started laughing and thought "AWWWYEEEA", instead of "ONLY A DOLLAR!?!". never did talk to him. spent the dollar years later.

i wish i still had a copy of "18 with a bullet". not the oldie, by pete wingfield. the rewrite, by 18 street. it was good, i tell you. rap these days is horrible. I CANT STAND IT!@$%@!#$#!@!

the other day sammy invited me to some family get together "all the cousins are gonna get together and talk, and the women are gonna cook" (mmm mexican food), since his current wife couldnt go, he wanted to take me. how sweet. he hasnt called me about it, yet. i wonder if it already passed and hes been to la but didnt call me. ILL KICK HIS ASS.

my other husband (stuart**) changed his phone number after i moved from bellevue. wonder how the baby is (it was due january 2002). his birthday is july 3rd. im dragging hiedi to hollywood cause i think he said he was doing tattoos in a shop down there. stalk, stalk, stalk. it would be a hell of a lot easier if i could just remember the name of the band hes in. wish i still had my pager number (559-6969 *teehee*), people would be able to find me on that.

**(funny story about that has to do with stuart) stuart was from a few months i moved back from ventura count (ralstin(sp) house. heh) and started going to school in the valley, so about 9th grade, till 11th? people would tell us we were so cute together. wed tell people we were gonna be married someday. then we told people that we already had gotten married. they bought it cause it seemed that way. even when his mother would come to the school cause shed look for me, when id see her id go running and give her a big ole hug (first time i met the woman she went of on me, as i went of on stuart for going off on her for going off on me. fun stuff). it was all so funny cause wed never even kissed (TILL THIS DATE). one of the last times i ran into him he asked me if i had a boyfriend and said that someday id kiss him. his GIRLFRIEND just had a baby. looks like he was wrong :oP oh, anyhow. in 12th grade he was in jail (yet, again) and i was going to school in a far of land surrounded by white people and scientologists. i doing this project with her and talking to dustin*** about something and hed mentioned "my husband" (they knew each other from the school in the valley. we all went. dustin parents put him in my high school cause it was closer to their house and they knew i was there. so did jamies**** mom), then not 5 minutes late were talking about fine guys and she tells me about how shes gonna rape her sisters, boyfriends, brother (STUART). she starts describing him to me and im thinking, that sounds like stuart, but there is no way it could be. then she mentioned his smile and dimples, so i said "your cousin is april*?" and "she said, yeah howd you know?". HOLY SHIT, BATMAN. SHE WAS TELLING ME ABOUT HOW SHE WAS GONNA RAPE MY HUSBAND. too weird. i remember when he got out of jail. i was dating "yuck mouth******". he kept calling my mom but i was out with yuck mouth. i got home around 1am and he got ahold of me around 2am. he was in my city at a hotel with some chunt druggie, or something. he came in a taxi to pick me up. when we got to the hotel they continued to do drugs. id never seen him do drugs before. i guess he didnt think about it till i was there. he felt like crap. he didnt want me to watch. he couldnt do them in front of me.

i met april on some holiday stuarts mom went out of town to visit her boyfriend and so i spent the night. i met suarts oldest brother that night. he got drunk and decided to hit on me. stuart was not happy about that. they got in this weird argument about it in front of me. then he kept calling me "sister in law". anyhow, i guess he got lonely cause he couldnt continue to hit on me so he called his "sugar mama", april. all this time, and i think theyre still together. that was also the night found out that i have thick ankles.

***dustin, is now a druggie nut job who hops from looney bin to looney bin. danny****** was the influence who started that.

****jamie also went to school with us ( stuart, dustin, danny & myself). jamie is one of my favorite white boys. though, he annoyed the shit out of me when he started at my school. he was one of those peckerwood types. he later became known as my lil puppy(good one too. he knew hen not to argue with me). i kept telling him "people" would be happy. hes a really sweet guy. well not really, but is to me. him and his friends****** were ok. just brought up differently. though jamie did try to pull that peckerwood shit when he went to jail and got beat. by the time he got out and was sent to rehab his best friend in there was some lil crip dude (black). awwyea. then in rehab his closest homie was gay (and fuckin hot).

***** yuck mouth was this dude i liked cause i thought, *he though*, he was too good for me everybody. it turns out he a really nice guy (just *really* quiet), he just doesnt brush his teeth. good thing im prude! :oP

******danny is this lil stoner kid i went to high school with. he tells me "im gona get some weed tonight, call me later then come by", then when i call, hes like "didnt get it". fucker!$#@!$@#! oh! i almost shot dannys friend on accident while trying to cock a gun. he went down. "oops". his shirt had 2 holes. entrance and exit, ~3" away from his left side. freaky.

*******one in particular. billy. mmm billy. billy was like every other guy id ever had the hots for cept he was australian and wasnt too fond of anyone who wasnt white. he was so nice, though. id have jumped his bones if i thought hed go for it (DAMN, MY DECEIVING PAIL SKIN). turns out when he went into the army, he married some chick in puerto rico. UMMM, WHAT? HELLLLLLLO? *AHEM* if his ass wanted something pueto rican, he should have stayed local and called me :oP i dont even know if she is puerto rican, but damn her. he was virgin n everything :o\ PERFECT FOR ME. oh well. the other reason i couldnt have gone for it was cause of jamie. wouldnt want to hurt him. they were *tight*. now that im thinking about it, i bet hed have gone for it if i tried to molest him. robert******* even thought so. the second to last time i saw robert at jamies house, he said to billy "if you fuck her, you owe me"

********robert was in my class. he was cool till i started dating yuck mouth. then he would act like a dick. he has that "thing" for hispanic chicks. i used to like to go to roberts house at lunch and eat all his food. he used to say that i was his hoe. that night at the part was right after the two of us graduated high school. he said "dont worry, youll always be my hoe". thats why he told billy that hed owe him if we fucked, when he left that night. he also told jamie "shes not gonna fuck you, she might suck your dick but shes not gonna fuck you". when i went off on him about that at school he was like "im sorry, i didnt think hed tell you" HAHAHA. BASTARD. another time he said "jamie likes you. ["i know"] like, *really* likes you... scary". i should call him if his number hasnt changed since last year.

hrm. i should stalk down ginny. i know whe was looking for me last year. id try and stalk more people, but its been too long.

what a mess. too much typing. count the stars. i go bbye. bbye.

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