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some men dont feel secure, unless they have a woman on each arm.

they have to play the field, to prove they have charm.

prophei: blah
xangelicdestinyx: youre tellin me

that about sums it up.

picked up hiedi and chason and dragged them to a bar/club to get shit faced. spoke to dwaine n glen. i cant be held responsible for anything retarded i did, or said. i was sooo wasted. i dont remember leaving the club, but i do remember barfing outside some mexican club. wonder what the hell we were doing there. i also remember hiedi getting all mushy ("i looove you. ive miiissed you so much" awww, how sweet). shes gonna kill me when she finds out the movie clip :oP i cant belive her ass is now in the way to montana. WHY THE HELL DID YOUR STUPID ASS MOVE TO MONTANA, HIEDI? ok, i know why, but still. oh, my favorite quote from her last night/this morning is "and the abuse begins". *teehee*. chasons was probably "for someone who has been sick all night, you smell good", or some shit like that.

so finally ive sober up, but im in fuckin pain. well, not really, but i feel icky. like if i went on a rollercoaster id barf. dr. jamesesese recommended suggested (youre no real doctor :oP) i go to jambajuice and get something with an immunity boost. so i got a mango-a-go-go. while i was waiting the guy gave me some of the cranberry craze. its pretty damn good. the mango-a-go-go ant so hot. james also suggested that i get a burger or something cause cause you digest meat fast and itl help get some of the bad stuff out of me. which will be good, cause i couldnt shit when i tried a few hours ago.

my creditcard bill bounced or some shit. so now i have zero money (the turned it off) and a large bill with a $30 late fee to pay :o\ good thing i had a few bucks cause i was drivin around with the empty light on for a while.

ive been trying to call jag (since i got all your vmail msgs) and a recording says hes not pickin up. i even called at like 6am when i got home, to wish him a happy birthday (hes 21 today), but hes got his phone cell turned off, or somethin. oh well, he got my mail. he might have even gotten one of my packages today (Jun 26, 2002 1:13 P.M. PORTLAND, OR, US - start checking your mail ). hes been acting really weird lately.

which reminds me. i was supposed to drive up and down the west coast, but nooo. doesnt look like thats gonna happen :o\ i wanted to drive up and visit mr.g0sh (san fansisco), synja (while hes in sacramento), brad (portland. close enough) and his my new house, jag (seattle) and charity (seattle. close enough), then maybe canada and anyone else along the way that wanted to visit with me.

i wanna learn italian and visit italy. whos down? LETS GO!@#$!#$@!

thank you to everyone took care of me while i was sick. its a good thing i didnt have much food in my belly or else my barf wouldve had chunks of ramen in it. peppermint schnapps n ramen. mmm, mmm, good :oP

its not the everyday you find the woman, of your dreams.
who will always be there, no matter how bad things seems.
ever so faithful, ever so sure.
no man could ever, ask for more.
i believe in one love.

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