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cuddling does not feel good with everyone? it doesnt. i want some good cuddles, damnit.

i slept all day, so ill be up all night. oh joy. i want to go out. stupid hiedi had to move away. doesnt her dumbass realize that i have a car now, we could go out and play at any hour of the day or night, now? we wouldnt have to be in bus riding, or "can you you take me home, now?", hell anymore. yet, she moves to MONTANA. damn her. im bored and i wanna go out and play. there is no one to play with. i want to go to the gym. there is no one to go to the gym with. i want to do a whole bunch of things, but i dont want to do them alone. fuckin sucks.

i need a boyfriend, or somethin.

beyond2012: :/
xangelicdestinyx: ?
beyond2012: i hate ny
xangelicdestinyx: how come?
beyond2012: its lame
beyond2012: i like california much better
xangelicdestinyx: no one ever listens
xangelicdestinyx: and you didnt even get to visit la
beyond2012: nope
beyond2012: :/
beyond2012: sacramento, the armpit of cali

what else can i type here...
i wanna go to the beach. like, now.
my back hurts.
im gonna buy a back brace and a real chair someday.
i need to build up all of my muscles so i dont hurt anymore.
trigger points are painful.
i need to learn my trigger points.
i need to buy sunblock.
i should start swimming.
i need to call jeff.
my candle is dying.
ive been really weird lately.
ive been feeling sick since tuesday.
i had a liquid poop yesterday.
i think ive got the plague.
i got another parking ticket last week.
i hate street sweepers.
i need to figure out what i can do to make some cash. at least enough to cover my bills.
i want to sleep. maybe ill clean. or watch a dvd.
i believe the bleeding of my gums (while brushing) was gingivitis caused by my travel toothbrush that never got to dry properly.
i think ive reversed it.
i believe the lump in my breast is a cyst. breast cancer is supposed to be painful. maybe its a trigger point. heh.
i have too many bookmarks.
as a general rule, people suck.
i should sell all of my crap.
ive always wanted to shave my head.
when i get bored i plan things years in advance.
i know what to do with the next 15 years of my life. getting started is the tricky part.
there is one major flaw in all of my plans.
this reminds me of one of those annoying surveys everyone posts in their journals 1284512746x a week.
learning math doesnt suck so much while youre stoned.
i like a man with a sexy voice.
i never date men with a sexy voice.
my mom has got to be losing her mind. its kinda hard to tell with her.
i have an addictive personality. that, and issues with various type of control.
thats what i think, anyway.
ive been told i have short term memory loss and that im manic depressive. oh, and lets not forget my personal favorite, the epstein-barr. never had mono.
if you play dumb for long enough people will stop trying.
I hate having to write real letters with capitalization, punctuation n all that. dont forget to bring the letter to school.
i need a vibrator.
i have a feeling, that someday, my life will be really nice.
either that, or really horrible.
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