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its amasing how much i can get done if i dont sleep all day.

went to school, gave my teachers niece a back massage and learnt ass massage. finished up that letter, and gave it to the chick at my school. i have to print out some papers and call the city. fill them out, send em off, then im done with that. for the time being. then i have to get a cash advance and stick the money in my checking account so i can pay my bills and the school. oh joy, but thatll be over with by the end of the day, and i wont have to deal with bills again till my credit card bill shows up. and, and, and i have to finish up this loan application. it would be be done by now if i could get a hold of my ex roommate to get his information as the co-borrower. then, then, then, i have to think of a few things that interest me and do 3-5 page report on each one so that i dont have to make up hours at school. ive got weeks to do that, though. so by the time i get most of this shit done itll be time to go back to school and then ill be done for the day. woohoo. i need to find a massage therapist. i could use some bodywork.

btw, you people have no idea how fuckin annoying you are to me. not all of you, but some. your words my my skin crawl. it take a lot of self-control for me not to go off and tell you what i think of you, everytime i read/see your posts. i dont know why i even bother to read them, sometimes. its so painful.

friday better be a good day for me.
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