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dont open your eyes, you wont like what you see

the blind have been blessed with security.

its 2am and im bored. i should be out partying the night away, seeing as i dont have school till monday, but nooo. i think i just want to go to sleep. im happiest those last few minutes im awake and i just want to feel that way/be that sleepy.

great. i just realized that my cell phone is gone. i used it at school. i left it on top of my sheets while i was copying something down from the white board. at first i didnt think it was stolen and i tried to remember what i could have done with it, but then i freaked out and went to the school to see if i dropped it. normally i would just tear aprt my stuff at 3am before driving to school to look for my phone in the street. that was weird, so i figured something must be very wrong. then i realized that the girl in my class that i thought i was gonna have to fight after class, took off early. not only that, but very quietly. the bitch took my fuckin phone as she walked out the fuckin door. what am i gonna do? put another one on my credit card? fuck. i dont have anyones number on anything other than my bills. what am i gonna do, call each and every number? its not like id recognize any of them because i only dialed them once to put them in my phone. other than that i just clicked on their names. i cant believe im crying over this. the thing that pisses me off the most is that i was nice to this chick from day one. wed only been arguing recently. i was just thinking about how happy i was to be almost done with that school and my classmates. even though we dont like each other now id have never stolen something from her. yet she goes and jacks the phone i let her borrow 128458423847 times to call her little boyfriends. now i dont know what to do. i wanted to kick her ass bad enough before she stole my phone, now what? how the hell am i gonna be able to handle sitting in a room with this bitch for 20 hours next week and the week after? i could hardly deal with it for 5 hours today *before* she stole my phone. first the school wants to fuck me/us over and now this bitch wants to steal my shit. then people cant figure out why i cant stand people. knowing them is almost never a good thing.

when called my number, hoping id hear my phone ringing somewhere in the room, this guy picked up. i didnt think at the time, so i just said "sorry, wrong number". now im thinkin, maybe it wasnt.

i really wish i could find my phone. today was shitty enough, now i just want my phone.

the other great thing about it is there was two people sitting next to my shit. so if she did walk off with it, they probably watched her do it and didnt say anything.

these phones are still $200? fuckin wonderful. like i couldnt have used that to pay my bills or something. oh, i found one for $100. yay :o\

i pray she didnt steal it. i cant deal with that shit. please let it show up soon. if not soon, at least at school on monday morning. im thinkin it might have fallen. though, i would have heard that, and i remember putting it on top of my sheets then going to write something down. i dont remember seeing it after that. i checked my stuff, the car, where i parked at school. if she did take it, she will pay one way or another. ive yet to be let down.

im gonna give it a day since if i ordered a phone right now, it wouldnt be shipped tomorrow, anyway. look for deals n crap.

even though im gonna get another phone (monday is too far away to hope that i *might* find my old one), i hope it shows up, eventually. itll make me feel so much better.

if i dont get my period soon somone is gonna have to die.

guess im taking this place apart tonight. i have nothing else to do and there is no way im gonna get to sleep now. maybe i threw it down and it bounced off of something and is hidden somewhere. maybe its not ringing cause its out of service. maybe im kidding myself cause i know walked in the door and put my shit on the bed. i havent touched anything but myself (ok, not really) and the computer since. itd have been on the bed, on the charger or in my purse if it was here.

i feel sick.

i think im as upset about my phone as i was about all my mp3s that got deleted when i uninstalled kazaa.

stupid shit. ive been so fragile lately. oh well. if its not a parking ticket, an enormous phone bill, or an evil thrift store, its somethin else sucking my credit card dry.

blah. 5am.
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