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i watch you sleep...

away the time.
i watch you sleep...
sleep tight.

its 2am and i wish i were in love.

ive decided to buy a this for my living room. its gonna look like a whorehouse. i have a feeling im gonna be one of those people who has a different theme for every room. even the bathroom.

i think i have low blood pressure. im gonna try to sugar my hairy body tomorrow. if that doesnt go as planned ill go to the drugstore to buy wax and confirm my blood pressure.

"damn. don't die on me, naomi. you're my only friend in the world besides me mum." heh. shes doing much better these days.

i broke down and rented a knights tale again :o\

i have 3 projects to start and i dont know when theyre due. monday?

i need a (#1) boyfriend who is a (#2) health nut and (3#) as far from lazy as possible.

i want a television and cable, really, really bad. cable modem, service, a desk and chair would be nice, as well.

is it time to move yet? :o\

im gonna auction off my shit.

i just found a painful, round, smooth, hard, movable lump under the skin on the side of my knee. this isnt the first painful a lump ive found on my legs. i wonder where the other one went.

last night i had pale lines going around my legs from bulging veins. they were freaking out as usual.

i can feel the blood squirting around in my legs.

im suffering from perpetual dehydration.

drinking water doesnt seem to be helping.

maybe if i stopped crying.

im slowly falling apart.
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