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thats stupid site kept telling me that i was denied for a loan. even with a co-borrower. then it would tell me i could reapply with co-borrower. then i the last page of that form couldnt load. so i was like fuck it. cause i kept calling and they were gone all last week cause of the 4th, but guess who got a call from the school telling me to come down, while i was out lookin for shoes (didnt get any, btw. gotta look somewhere else.). so i went down and picked up the paperwork n shit. now i just need to get jeff to sign his parts and im ready to go. the best part it i took a loan out for more than the tuition. ~5,000$ more. which meeeeeeeans I CAN PAY OFF MY CREDIT CARD. awww fuckin yea! i can pay that off, still owe jeff what he loaned me. pay that off by the time i have to start making payments on this loan which will be at a lower interest than my credit card. fo sho. then the only things ill have to pay back are my school loans, which i can consolidate to make easy. so that is my good new for the day. the bad news is that ill be in one school or the other for a total of 12 hours a day. oh man. its a good thing i dont have a life or that would kill it. then then then, when im done with the massage course i can get a job at night somewhere, and start makin some cash. ill have all of my hours, certification and maybe even my licence. ill be good to go.

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