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hey dummy

jag, im trying to call you back, but your phone is giving me that stupid recording. i dont have the new cell yet, so youll have to get me after school (10:30 ish).

oh, nevermind. I just realized what you called for. 1) you dont need to call for that 2) fuck you, youre beyond late.

so guess who locked their keys in their keys in their car again. uh huh. its cause i have so much equipment, i put the keys down and forget about em as im leaving the car. like, ill take em out, realize i have to get out of the car and go around to pull shit out. ill set em down and pull the shit out, then lock the door and shut it. oops.

guess who has a few minutes to get out and go to her next class. uh huh.

and guess who just put a burger including the foil wrapper in the microwave and started screaming when the microwave looked like it was on fire. awyea. i stared screaming about the keys too. not to mention crying. im so lucky to not have roadside assistance cause my cell phone was stolen (its part of the service and since my service was put on hold so no one could make any calls, they wouldnt send anyone out). the screaming was great, though. it wasnt shouting, it was more of a horrible screeching. i dont do it that often, only when im going psycho. jag is probably the only one who knows what im talking about. what a lovely day week life im having. like having to buy a new cell wasnt bad enough. now i have accumulated 100$ in fines within the past 30 days. im on a roll, or something.

i think im having the same problem in my legs, in my head as well. nice. its probably why my head always hurts. it hasnt been hurting that bad cause ive been stretching and massaging the muscles, but still. also, being covered in bruises is fun.


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