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9 hours at school today

but only the class i like. not massage. it fucken ruled. no reason in particular, i just love the vibe and the instructors are great. like *fuckin great*. so great, i dont mind being there all day. i actually take notes n shit. i *never* take notes or do homework. *ever*. if i become rich, i will defiantly have to send something to the school and my instructors.

jill rules, too. shes the only goth type chick in my class. she is sooo sweet. i lover her, and i dont even know her, yet. might see her this weekend. she invited me out and said shed call, but im always online and i dont have my cell :o\

lets not forget about yvette (check your email). another person who rules. shes a sweetheart. might meet her later this evening. yay.

today has been going pretty well, so far. the only thing that sucked is my car was smoking when i got to school. didnt do that on the way home, though.

im pooped. was up till 4am (then woke up at 7:45am) or something, chattin with jag. i wanna go to italy, but i ahve a feeling hes gonna try and drag me to spain. he says hes already saved money for the trip, but jag is mostly talk, no action. well see.

oh, damn. i didnt know her too well, but fuuuuuuuck :'o(

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