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holy shit

i think i slept 8 hours. thats the most rest ive gotten in a week. most of the time i sleep 4-6. though i did wake up for no reason at 7:50am. my body must of thought it was time to go to school.

today i need to pay all my bills and go shopping, cause i dont have the time to do it during the week. i need to buy a color wheel, glycerin, glitter, rhinestones, pallet paper, stencils, sewing kit, double stick tape, falls (falls are neat), shoes, wax, ummm... i cant think. i know there is more, but i forget what i wanted. natural sponges, altoids (ha), food, magazines... still drawing a blank.

i should study for my business test. at least business isnt so boring. i think that test is on thursday, so ive got time. oh yeah, i have like 6 projects due. fuck. i think 4 of them are due next monday, though. ill just do the shit i know is due on monday. better call jill and make sure i didnt forget a project. i think there was one that was announced while i wasnt there.

i need to clean, too. there is no where to walk cause i tore everything apart and didnt have time to pick up after myself.

i hope my phone arrives today.

yay. its here!#@!#$@!

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