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your eyes can be so cruel, just as i can be so cruel.

yesterday was so boring. i didnt know what to do with myself. i wanted to be entertained but there wasnt anyone around, so i was goin insane. people suck for having lives :o\

i need to write the paper the due tomorrow, "study, study, study", fill out forms that need to go out tomorrow, try to make sense of my notes and things ive highlighted then type them out, do some of that shopping i posted about yesterday (KEEP RECEIPTS. LOG EM IN YOUR JOURNAL PLEASE), dye my hair (not all of it, cause this chick wants to try something with it and i said i wouldnt do too much), wax, trim and twease eyebrows, clean out my car, gather all my stuff and for tomorrow so i can get out of here early, try to get a copy of that one assignment and do it before class, call about your loan now that you have a phone.

i didnt do shit yesterday. it was so fuckin hot. i only cleaned up a bit. ive gotta clean up the rest of my mess before i can do anything else or ill feel icky and not want to do anything.

gotta find the nearest jamba juice to my school.

ok, so clean now before it gets too late.

no, wait. im empty. eat first.

sunday is picture day.

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