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I have so much to lose here in this lonely place. Tangled up in your embrace.

There's there's nothing I'd like better than to fall. but I fear, I have nothing to give.

so, my replacement phone is here. yay. anyone who wants me to have their number better send it to me, cause if i had it before it went bye-bye when the phone got stolen. send again (

went to swains, that wasnt too much fun. didnt get anything. thought about going somewhere else, but then i though "why buy this shit today, you dont need this shit today, and if you think of something else you want youll just have to come back". so instead i went to the drugstore and bought roll-on wax, ensure, glycerin, face wash, shea butter, sunblock... if forget what else. got an extra car key made.

OH. guess who had to call roadside assistance to day to jump start her car? uh huh. guess on friday i left the interior light on, so my battery was dead. its so sad. im not *this* ditzy and it keeps getting worse and worse. i really need to start eating, and getting more rest. my body can not deal with this shit anymore. all the money i *had* to blow on tow trucks this past week, could have been spent on food. if id have been eating i probably wouldnt have forgotten my keys in the car. blah.

im trying to figure out how to make the rest of my life a tax write off. i feel sorry for my future accountant.

i was gonna post some pics, but its hot, im lazy, the weekend is over and i have things to do. maybe next sunday.

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