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im so fuckin tired. i feel like... so fuckin tired. its almost nice cause i know i dont have to go anywhere else today, so when i crash, ill crash hard. cuddling with my blanket will feel sooo good.

oh, i need to buy a digi cam. one that can take pictures thatll look good printed out at (the very least) 8x11. suggest something.

i need a massage. oh, yeah. i get to hand in my (4) projects on monday and then im done with massage therapy (class). you have no idea how nice that will be. i cant stand those people. if i never see them again, itll be too soon. over 500 hours of study and practice. now all i have to do is study for the licensing test, pass that, and im done for the next few years. its a good thing i went to school this week, or else i wouldnt have gotten my cpr card. better get it laminated.

i dont know what to do this weekend. i have to buy shit for my project on monday. i should buy the comfy shoes i need so bad. i was thinking about going to venice beach to get all sweaty, watch people, and knowing me, do a bit of shopping. so i might do that. i kinda want to party. i was thinking about going to a drag show, but i dont know.

what else. ummmmm...

people say "ummm" a hell of a lot. i never really noticed it before. i also notice that there are people that dont like to be stared at just as much as me. ive never seen so many people tremble. shit, i didnt even tremble. which is weird, cause i *freak out* when people stare at me. my mind goes blank (even more so than usual), n everything. so out of it. fuckin nerves.

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