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ill try here

since the people in "photography" dont seem to know anything about lighting. which is fuckin *odd*, considering. that, or theyre just too lazy to help me out. maybe i need to try a different type of photography community. anyhow..

does anyone know where i can get/find a place to make a makeup mirror with a 3200 & 5000 kelvin switch?

maybe ill just have to call around. one of the home/bathroom lighting places around here should be able to help.

ive been up since 4:30am. go me. i dont know when i passed out last night. probably just after i posted.

i wish i had a scanner. i kinda want an opinion on my sketch for mondays project.

i put too much honey in my vanilla tea :o\ its a good thing i like honey :o)

i bet some weed would help with my project. hrm. i need weed.

i keep forgetting to take my vitamins :o\

i wish it would rain.

oh. what are the names of some stores where the general public can buy shit in bulk at wannabe wholesale prices. costco? sams club? any others?

hiedi is fucked. i told her stupid ass it was a bad idea to move to montana. now she wants me to go get her. at first i felt bad and was like i might be able to do it if i had rental car and left on a friday...

Total Distance: 1260.42 miles Total Estimated Time: 21 hours, 27 minutes

that would mean for me to make it back in time for school, which im not willing to miss, id have to drive non stop for 2 days. fuck. that. shit. i know how it feels to be stuck, and id love to be able to drive over, but fuck that shit. there is no way. she did something stupid, yet again, and there is no way im gonna sacrifice because of it. she needs to learn a lesson. shes always getting in to fucked up situations like this cause shes looking for an easy way out. whats worse is now shes got a dog and a cat shes not willing to give up. they are the reason she cant get on a fuckin plain/train/bus. she says they wont ship pets till spetember 15th because of the heat. i want to check some places out, but no one is answering. all i know is there is no way im driving up. i thought i might be able to, but ive got 1231231 projects due monday that i havent even started, plus i have class m-f that im not about to miss because of this. if i had a week, shit load of money and someone to come with, then id say fuck it and have a nice little road trip, but i dont, and by that time shipping pets wont be a problem. i dont even think shipping pets would be a problem. i dont see how it could be. there has to be *someone* who can fly em out here. the only thing is, the dog has worms now. she will not give up this fuckin dog and cat of hers. if it were just her she could just hop on a plane, but she wants me to drive all the way out to montana cause shes too lazy to get a job and an apartment so she wouldnt be in situations like this. the other thing is, WHO THE FUCK IS GONNA RENT TO HER WITH THAT BIG ASS DOG, AND WHY THE HELL WOULD SHE WANNA MAKE A DOG THAT SIZE LIVE IN A TINY APARTMENT??? considering the fact that shes practically homeless cause no one wants her to stay with them, she has no choice. shes gonna end up *having* to get a job and live in an apartment. no more of this running away crap. shes 21, its about fuckin time she became self-sufficient. i feel bad for her and the dog, but there is no fuckin way.

that is what i forgot to post. hes my recap, cause once i read it i got all riled up again. if you know me, then you know i cant shut up once i get goin. so here you go.

i told her boyfriend it aint gonna happen. he said hed give me 250$ for the rental and trip fare. la to saint ignatius and back again? uhhh, somehow that does NOT sound right. there is not a chance in hell i would pitch in a dollar for one of hiedis fuck ups. hell fuckin no. the dog is sick right now cause she dragged it out to montana with her. if that dog were to die, who would be to blame? who decided to move to a fuckin tofu ranch with no car or money, after her dad warn her about the guy (her uncle), cause shes too lazy to get a job. who cant get the dog to a vet, or fly it back to california because she has to wait for people to send her money and find a place that will ship the dog in summer weather? how could all of this drama been avoided. IF SHE HADNT BEEN TRYING TO TAKE THE EASY WAY OUT, SHED BE WORKING, AND HAVE A SEMI DECENT PLACE FOR HERSELF AND THAT DOG TO LIVE. its not like her ass doesnt even have help. shes got a boyfriend who works. could you imagine if he dumped her ass? heh.

whatever. its on her. im done stressing out over this. helping is one thing, suffering is another. im not gonna suffer because shes irresponsible. i hadnt spoken to her since i first moved to seattle cause we got into a fight about her visiting italy instead of paying my ex roommate back the $1000 &something dollars to get her dumbass (lets not forget loser and ass ugly) ex out of jail. she hung up on me and ever called me back. i feel bad, but should i feel sorry for her now? nah. the dog, hel yeah. her, fuck no. will she ever even attempt to pay jeff back? nope. so fuck her. if she had half a brain shed give or sell the dog and cat to someone with a home and worry about taking care of herself. shes never been able to take care of herself, yet she thinks she can take care of these animals. her boyfriend takes care (if you wanna call it thats considering the fact that theyre homeless) of them all. from what i *heard* it sounds like he was doing better before her. id have dumped her a long time ago. either that, or send her off on her own and tell her to give me a call when shes an adult, and reassess the relationship. i dont see how it could be worth it. too much hassle. i could see if they were doing fine and he didnt really care if she just sat on her ass all day, but look at this mess. also, i might have had a different opinion if this was some sort of fluke, but shes *always* getting in to shit like this then needing to someone to save her. she doesnt ever learn. the bottom line is shes ungrateful, irresponsible and lazy. that sums her up rather nicely.

as my instructor would say... "DISMOUNT". shell be in florida for a bit longer. i miss her. though i like the instructor (and guest instructors) i have now, as well. good school, great instructors.
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