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lets go salliemae, lets go.

it seems that im ok as far as paperwork goes. for a while there i thought i was fucked because i couldnt even call them. theyre on the east coast, im on the west and im busy all day long. i finally spoke to someone, and they said just to stick a note in with the paperwork, and cause i have a co-borrower, i should be fine. now the problem is they didnt give me all the paperwork i needed, so finished that up yesterday. now i want my fuckin check so i can pay off my credit card. im hopin i can get a few business credit cards or somethin, so things are easier to keep track of. i wont be able to get that for a while, i think.

bank accounts, credit cards, what else... too much shit i need. im horrible at keeping track of shit. i havent been logging shit in my journal, which is, uhhh... bad. i need some sort of storage arrangement so i dont make a mess of things, and theyre always where i need them when i need them. what i need is a fuckin house with a ton of rooms for individual things. i need a lawyer and an accountant. i need more energy and more time in the day. i neeeeed... i forget.

everyone in my class is so cute. theyve all been really good about knowing my name, which is surprising cause i only know a few of theirs. they always come up to me and theyre like "i dont envy you", "i dont know how you do it". theyre all shocked that id put myself through 12 hours of class a day, but theyre forgetting that its only for a short period of time. soon ill be done with massage, and ill only have school 7-9 hours of class a day. i think they notice my the huge circles under my eyes and the fact that i cant stop yawning, and feel bad. as long as i dont collapse, ill be fine. though when i started i almost did a bunch of times. i almost got sent home.

ive decided that weed is good for me. im not creative at all, so its hard for me to sit down and think of shit i want to do. when im really tired and sort of out of it, i can start with a little something and the rest will just flow. sometimes good, sometimes bad. better that nothing, i say. i want to go shopping, but i hate the thought of putting all the crap im gonna buy on my credit card. i know ill lose track of the receipts. blah, blah, blah.

hiedi called, and her uncle wont let her use the phone. so she has to walk 45 minutes to get a pay phone.reminds me of that time quiana begged me to come stay with her, then after two weeks we go in to a fight (sorta). she told her boyfriend that she wanted me out and some lies i havent found out about so he told me i wasnt allowed to used their phone, but i had to be out by morning. this was back when i didnt have a car and they lived out in temecula. the best part is when we were younger she was one of my best friends. stupid, ugly, jealous, bitch.

though, i might have posted it before. anyhow...

i was living up here, but my roommate (yes, the one who is my co-borrower) was a bit on the druggie/nutty side, so i sorta wanted to move. she had moved to temecula and started a new little life for herself since people in los angeles dont like her cause shes never been anything more than a cum dispenser. she begged me to move in to her house cause they had an extra room they werent using and shed only made two friends in the few years that shed been living there (her current boyfriend and some wannabe model). so one day i got into a fight with my ex roommate cause he couldnt get a hold of some dope for a week and his new girlfriend had been giving him shit about my being there cause she was jealous. so he started with me cause he thought i was gonna start on him about the way he pays bills (he just sends off a check for a random amount of money and hopes it covers the bill. i found out cause he was asking me what all the charges were for since he didnt know what the features were, but they had been there since before i got there. i noticed the credits to the account and asked why there were any, and he told me how he pays bill, then i asked to see his records of checks made to them to make sure they werent fucking him over and he said he didnt have any), but i kept quiet cause i could tell he was on edge. he said if i made one comment about it hed trow his cup at me. guess he didnt like the look i got on my face, though i didnt say anything and he threw it at me. i called her up and said id move in. took shower and told jeff to leave me alone (at that point he was all sorry for what he did). i packed up my shit and got jeremy (preppy dork dork dork) to move me down before he went back to perdue. i guess she forgot what i looked like and gets all jealous. she even said her heart dropped in to her stomach, cause shed forgotten and hoped id changed for the worse. i thought it was funny at the time. anyhow, i guess she didnt like the idea of me being in the same house as her boyfriend, but i told her i dont care about the way i look and id stay in sweats while i was in the house. so i move in, and everything was fine for few days, then she gives me this guilt trip about her boyfriends friend that was gonna be homeless (hes so nice, hes so sweet. poooooor brent). so i sart to feel bad and i figured i can deal with splitting the room in half for this dude so he has somewhere to live. shit, its not like i havent had to live in a car, homeless shelter, and group home sharing a room with two nut jobs. i wasnt planning on being there forever, anyhow. i was gonna get a job and move out asap. so we told him he could stay. he didnt even give me time to clean up and unpack. he moved right in, and turned out to be the biggest asshole/pervert. come to find out this was the same dude she had told me about 1-2 months before hand. he called her a bitch and called her son stupid. the only reason why she wanted this dude in the house is cause her boyfriend worked from 6am-8pm to take care of her and her son, and she only worked from like 9am-2pm. brent didnt work at all. shes just a hoe that wanted this dudes dick. evidently she heard it was big and thought he was such the manly man with his dumbass blazer and pitbull. anyhow, he was on my jock and she didnt like that. the other guys (her boyfriend friends) were also nice to me, so she wasnt the only cool chick anymore. she didnt like that either. anyhow, i wanted to find out how much it would be to get a phone hooked up in the room so there wouldnt be any confusion about whose calls were whose. i told her id call the phone company and find out, but not make any arrangements since it was her house i didnt want to be blamed for anything that might go wrong. we agreed that id find everything out and shed approve it, have the guy come out and id give her the money. i did that, told her what would need to be done and how much it was gonna be, and she yelled at me for not making the arrangements. i think she even hung up on me. that was the morning after brent got there. when i hung up he noticed the look on my face and asked what happened so i told him he was like "shes just a bitch". a few days later i went in to town to get myself a job so i wouldnt have to be there forever. she said she wasnt gonna go to work that day (geee, i wonder why) so she could pick me up when i was done. it took me all day to fill out applications and turn em in, then at 5pm i remembered that this dude from camp pendelton, said hed come over to teach me how to drive (something she said shed do, but didnt. i had money for a car n everything, just didnt know how to drive). so i called to see if i had a message and brent picked up. he gave her the phone and she immediately said "i dont wanna go pick you up", i was pissed, but i was like "thats not what im calling about. did anyone call for me today?" and she said "why would anyone call for you", so i hung up. now im being treated like the step child of one of my closest friends. nice, huh. so i find out how to get to the edge of town then i walk from there to her house. when i got there she had taken off, which was strange cause she didnt have anywhere to go and she hardly ever went to visit her mom. she was always home when she wasnt at work (no friends, remember?) brent sees me all pissed, and asked how i got home. i told him and he was like "daaaaaamn, you should have told me. i would have picked you up". so hours later im the only one in the house and the phone rings. i pick up and its quianna, but i didnt know it. she asks for her boyfriend (adam) and i say hes not there, and asked who was calling. shes like "its quiana!", like i should have known, but i wasnt expecting her to call. so i said, "oh. well he isnt home yet", and hung up. i was in no mood for chit-chat with her and i wanted to go off, but couldnt cause i was living in *her* house. she calls back one second later and i pick up: "hello?" her: "WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?". so i hung up, cause i knew there was gonna be a fight and if there was id be the one homeless. she called back forever so i finally picked up cause i was like "ok, ive gawwwtta hear what this bitch has to say" as soon as i said hello she was like "get the fuck out of my house". so then im all trying to figure out how i was gonna get myself and everything i own back to los angeles. she comes home WITH HER MOTHER. guess she thought i was gonna attacker her, or something. then her boyfriend comes home and tells me i need to get the fuck out and im not allowed to use his phone. which was weird cause he seemed like an ok guy who wouldnt do something like that. what ever she told him was pure crap, so i just packed and told the marine to take me when he called. then in the morning i freaked out cause the marine guy was all telling me to live with him and that he was gonna take me to his house before he took me to la even though i told him i didnt want to go to his house. i figured if i were to take off with that dude and he copped me up in to bits and pieces, who would know? would quiana come looking for me? hell no. was i allowed to use the phone? hell no. so when i woke up i asked brent to take me cause i had a bad feeling about the other dude, and he said sure. my intuition was right cause the guy showed up at the house anyway and practically broke down the door screaming about how he knew i was in the house and id better come out. he called from pay phones and tried to get in the house various way, then finally went back to base, hours later. then we loaded up the car and headed to la.

oh yeah. she was also jealous cause her son loved me. shed wake him up for school and hed come running to me even though i was in my room with door shut and sleeping.

i should have known that she hadnt changed one bit cause the day i moved in she was telling me about her plans to have her ex stay with her mom and visit him while her boyfriend was at work. the she got all freaked out thinking i was gonna call jerry springer on her ass.

anyhow, i think thats the only time she fucked me over. when we were younger and my mom would send me away to group homes shed cry n shit. youd think shed have treated me like someone she cared about. not someone that was a threat to the amount of dick she could get. with me around who the hell would wanna stick their dick in the nasty hoe? thats right, you heard me. fuck the bitch.

as victor would say "pinchi (sp?) jirafa", cause shes this big fat long necked freckled hoe.

her name was "bootai" on lj, but i think she deleted it. i checked it once and she was posting about how she wanted to fuck her boyfriends brother. i think her mom ratted her out, or some shit, cause she was complaing about how she *knew* that her mom had found her lj and was causing problems between her and adam. uhhh, hello? fuckin moron.

i tried to be nice at first when she started posting on my lj, cause i was like fuck it, but fuck her. she doesnt deserve to know me. i hope her boyfriend finds out what a skank she is and dumps her ass. i glad im not her.

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