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i dont understand. i was up till 4 or 5am. i woke up at 9:30am. fuckin aye. its so easy when i dont have to get up and go somewhere, but i bet tomorrow ill over sleep. even with the alarm.

i didnt do a damn thing yesterday. i sat around being bored. how lame. now i have one day to get 4 projects done, and buy shit for tomorrow. oh well.

i wanna watch a movie, but the dvd player on my computer is fucked. always skipping.

im gonna add shit to my wishlist and you guys are gonna buy it for me, ok? ok. actually, im using it as my "things you want to buy. dont fuckin forget" list.

i cant wait till i have more time in the day. there are a few places i want to check out, but i dont think ill have the time today. i should be free from massage hell after monday. yay.

i was thinking about how i might end up having to go out of town eventually, and ill probably end up spreading myself too thin. im thinking if hiedi comes back to california, maybe i can hire her to be my assistant. shed like that, i think. shed be getting paid to sorta hang out. she wouldnt even have to be around all the time, just when i need her. shed work out great cause i could give her keys to shit and she knows better than to fuck with me. she knows if she did and tried to run, id hunt her ass down.

its a good thing some grocery stores are open 24/7. i need to buy food, but i have other things i need to get done first. ensure in cans rule. its like drinking vanilla candy, or some shit like that.

i need to adopt meticulous habits. i also need to stop putting things off. things would be a whole lot easier if i wasnt always in a hurry.

its a good thing i get unlimited incoming text messages. some people are so retarded.

what else... i woke jag up at like 2am cause i was bored. he is so mean to me. hes supposed to sacrifice sleep to entertain me (steve, youre slakin), but nooo. he complains about how hes tiiiiired and the phone is burning a hole in the side of his head. hes very touchy when hes sleepy. oh, wait hes always touchy. i think he has an on/off drip switch somewhere on his body.

i think leigh is gonna come down on friday. i hope she does. she seems to be doing a lot better these days. minus the girlfriend, n all. she even has a job. im impressed, considering. think shes gonna start school, too.

i messed with this zit on the side of my face. i think its turning in to a monster.

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