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things didnt go as well as id have liked at school today. i wish i had stuck with my original idea. instead i went on this egyptian kick. which was bad, cause once i stared my mind went blank and i didnt have anything to go by. i have 4 projects due in a few minutes. i dont know how the hell im gonna be done with them by then. i hope i dont have to stay at school. thatd be so fuckin lame. i just want buy food, make dinner, and go to bed. or veg out online. actually, practicing for fridays test would be a better idea. i hope my model doenst flake.

jag has a naomi hates/love me switch. the other day he was all "you love me", then minutes later he was crying "you dont love me". now hes back on "you love me". only this time its cause im a stupid fish, or some shit like that. he is very, very strange.

just finished projects. now im huuuuuuuungry and i gotta go pee.

i want to go grocery shopping. you should come with me.

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