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why are men so rough. even gay men. i had to leave school early. i wanted to stay till 6pm, but i couldnt take anymore abuse. plus im fuckin tired. i dont know why id think this dude would be gentle. i think, i thought that hed understand how certain things could be painful. i was sooo wrong.

im hungry. i want to nap, but i should probably try to be productive, or at least stay awake till a decent time so I can sleep through the night.

anybody know a woman over 35 who might like to model for me this friday, anytime between 9am-4pm?

i want to take a sewing class. i wonder where i can take one on the weekends.

when i hear sublime, 311, or bob marley, i want to go to the beach for some reason.

i am soooooo fuckin tired, and there is no one around to keep me awake.

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