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blah, blah, blah.

stayed at school till 6pm. been home since. dont know what the hell im gonna do. im fuckin bored. im not used to having this much time on my hands. i was before, but now im sitting here not knowing what to do with myself and its driving me crazy. oh. salliemae sent my money out today. im covered for the rest of the course and i got the extra money i wanted to buy shit and pay off my credit card. no more insane interest rates. yay. today i got through my clean beauty application, without any fuck ups. it was actually the first time i got most of the way through it. most of the time i go second so i dont have to cut someone else off, but today i didnt have anywhere to be. so that was cool. not too shabby for my first real try. i didnt get to the glamor punch up, but thats so simple i wasnt worried about it. makeup for film and television looks nasty in real life. next week we start with the hardcore shit. thats gonna be rough, i think. i was shocked to find out that one of the guys in my class is gay. which means all the guys in my class are gay (the others are so obvious). hes cute, too. figures. i like the people in my class. theyre all pretty cool. it almost reminds me of jr high. everyone shares everything with everyone. even food and drinks. its weird. i should probably go to home depot, but i dont feel like getting up now. ill do it this weekend. i have to go to the beauty supply store and buy crap, anyhow. ill do everyting in one day.

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