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no call from the insurance company, yet. maybe the mexican couple decided not to call it in once i told them my last name (martinez. no, im not white).

i dont know what i want to do today. think ill clean. maybe go to the store. i want to buy power bars n shit, to take the school with me, but im not sure what kind to buy. i have a feeling theyre all gonna taste foul. maybe ill just get one of each, and when i find the ones i like, ill start buyin in bulk. so far i like the dr. soy bars that chason gave me. chason says to eat them sober, cause i might not like em as much.

i kinda wanted to go to the beauty supply store, but im afraid ill want to spend a ton of money. that would be, bad, bad, bad.

i broke out nasty from all the high pigmented makeup ive been wearing. well, sorta. my skin was starting to break out and my brilliant ass decided to to fuck with those zits. so now im *really* broken out. oh well. i need makeup primer or whatever. i forget what its called.

oh, damn. i just looked in the mirror and i did more damage that i thought. damn me. this time instead if waking up and seeing less red, there is like 110% more red. lameo.

would someone please tell my mother to shut the fuck up. it never works when i do it :o\

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