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things have been so crappy lately and my "friends" dont make things any better.

the day when i hit that car, at lunch i wanted to talk to someone, so i called jag. woke him up once, then had to go and called him back. after a few minutes, still kinda groggy he says "who is that chick in the background, she sounds kinda cute. i wish shed have called me instead of you", thinking he was being cute. so i give her the phone. she says like 3 words. jag was rambling the entire time. i get the phone back and hes *wide* awake telling me about how brains dog its taking a shit on the neighbors lawn. he goes on about this for a bit, like its sooo funny knowing damn well i thought he was acting like a retard. so im fuckin irritated. im having a bad day, and hes like, hitting on my classmates. he couldnt wake his ass up to talk to me, but he perks right up to talk to a stranger. im just not gonna do it anymore.

then there is the post where mentioned that i have no friends. i was talking about a lot of people, but mostly brad. i was freaking about salliemae not sending the money to the school because i didnt send them a paycheck stub, so i started telling brad about it and was gonna ask him if hed create a fake one on whatever program people use to create those things, print it out, and send it to me, to give to them. i hadnt even started to ask, and he decided to ignore me for a bit. when i mention it he decided to play dumb then then take off. i dont give a shit if you dont wanna do something for me, but dont fuckin treat me like shit. just say yes or fuckin no. how hard is that. not very, but the majority of people would rather treat me like shit. even when i say beforehand "im gonna ask a favor of you. i only want a yes or no answer. i dont need excuses", people cant handle that. i dont ask a lot. ive never asked anyone to send me money, or to drive out to the middle of nowhere to get me. just simple little crap, that i figure a friend might do to help out their friend. guess thats too much.

then today. i was looking at an camrea auction, and didnt know what to do. it was ending in 3 minutes and brad was the only one on that knew anything about cameras. so i msg him, and he says not to get it. then i started asking about his, why he didnt like it, and what he thought was better. he ignores me for a bit. again, i mention it, and he finishes up talking. then i ask who the abuse@livejournal* manager is. he says "they said you'd be talking to me. ;-)", so then i question that, and he says "dude, don't talk to me about LJ abuse crap.", and immediately im thinkin to myself, fuck you. i asked a simple question, you spent more time on telling me to fuck off than you would have if youd just answered it. so whatever, i blocked him. im not dealing with his shit anymore. when ever i message him its such and inconvenience, but when hes bored or lonely guess who wants to chit-chat. fuck that shit. i thought he was my friend so i pretended to give a shit, even when dont. i even felt bad for him when he and blythe broke up (though there was absolutely no reason for me to. i just did cause he wasnt used to not haveing a girlfriend), and bought him a teddy bear. i have no interest in brad. like if i wanted to hook up with him, i couldnt. i just thought of him as a friend, thats all. im glad i know better, now. i actually knew before, but i was hoping that i was trippin. im not, and im done. he can whine to someone else about how depressed and lonely he is.

the reason why i was asking about abuse@livejournal los_angeles was hijacked from me. the chick claims to have wanted to get permission to take it over, but there was no one listed as a contact. thats bullshit, i was. she even said they tried to contact gigglecam, but couldnt, so i assumed she had dropped off the face of livejournal. i go to her journal, and there she was. see, gigglecam was the original owner, and passed it on to me when she moved to san deigo county. for a second there i thought cause i had never changed the password from the one gigglecam gave me, she might have changed it and given it to a friend that was local. then i figured something was fishy cause 1) if giglecam were to do that id like to think shed at least tell me about it and 2 ) the person who has it now is from seattle (yeah, seattle of all fuckin places), and i know gigglecam believes that the person to handle the community should be from *los angeles*. go figure, huh? so i mailed gigglecam about it...

WOW! This is bullshit!!!!!!

Go get'em girlie... I'll back you up 180% :)

All is well here. You should come visit. :)
Hope your day is GREAT!

no one tried make contact with gigglecam about the community. i got a response in just a few minutes. it was very easy. so, i was lied to. chris (her husband) even posted in the community about the whole thing, but the girl who is running it now, deleted it.

it seems that girl is a apart of the livejournal abuse, as well. she says someone by the name of jill changed the password and gave it to her. all i asked brad was the name of the abuse@livejournal manager to see if it was, in fact "jill" or if that was another lie. i guess its ok for them to run to him and complain about me, but its not ok for me to ask the ever important brad fitzpatrick a question. now, *that* is unacceptable. whatever. the whole thing is so stupid. the thing was stolen from me/us by people in the abuse team, or hijacked. its just my luck this month.

the best part is the end of what i thought was a friendship. though, that was over a long time ago. probably never even was. oh, well. at least im not so pathetic that i need to jack livejournal communities from people to feel better about myself.

im just so sick of everyone kissing my ass when they think it might benefit them, then treating me like shit for thinking they were my friend. im glad im done with him. next time i wont wait as long.

oh, shit. its gonna be just wonderful working in an industry where everyone is just as fake. i cant wait :o\
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