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my mom never gets the mail

turns out my check has been been for a bit. so now i can go pay off my credit card. when i opened the envelope i was like "awyea, awwwyea, awwwwwwyea", until i realized i was saying that outloud.

the plan is: clean up a bit, take a shower and get dressed, go to the bank, go to the beauty supply store, go to the book store, go to the grocery store, go to blockbuster, watch the damn movie, again, write the stupid report, work on my morgue.

monday: go to school and do whatever i said id do today, but didnt.

friday was so sad. it was the last day for some of my classmates. ok, that wasnt really the sad part. it was the fuckin good luck speech they got. im such a puss. im gonna be balling when i leave that school. i almost started crying when i was taking the cpr class. "whats wrong with my baby. somebody please help my baby".

for some reason i want to drive up to oxnard/ventura and going to the ralphs and blockbloster near the emancipation home i lived in for a bit, before the tweaker staff called the cops and told them i tried to kill her. i could have stayed, but fuck that. that was my way out of that place since they didnt have a court order. so when they tried to make me promise not to scare the staff like that again, i was like "hellllllll no". got me a ride back to la by the house manager, n everything. haha.

almost like that time i smacked dr. del la roca for grabbing me after i told her not to. her buddy the sheriff was like, "you need to tell me youre not gonna do that again", " i cant promise anything", "i can take you in right now", "i can try", "thats all i can ask of you". boy, was i glad to hear she got the boot. first she got promoted for being a kiss ass bitch, then fired. no one could stand her. even the teachers and parents. it was actually a parent that told me about her being fired. i was like, *teehee*. she was weird.

oh, then there was the teachers assistant/actor/model, greg. he was pervert, or something. when he got hired everyone thought he was so great cause he was a model. he does commercials for ballys n shit like that (hes the black guy with the pointy head). right away i was like this guy is fucked. no one wanted to believe me. once he left my teachers were like "you were right about that guy". the funny thing is he quit/got fired because of me, but in a perverted sort of way. id fight with him all the time. hed try to tell me what to do, id tell him to fuck himself, then hed come and kiss my ass. i think he liked little girls. the day he left my teacher was gone, and one of the other teachers said my dress was cut too low, so i borrowed a jacket from one of her students. i walk in my class, and gregs like "how come you put a jacket on?". i told him jackie asked me to. he got all bent and was like, "jackie is not your teacher and i dont see anything wrong with what youre wearing", so i was like, "well then you go bitch about it", and he did. i guess he got into a fight with the administration, and that was that. i was in some lame meeting about a class i was to take at the college, greg comes in and says some shit like "i hope youre happy, this is what you wanted". i swear i thought he was gonna stalk me or some shit. he was weird.

oh, yeah. i also tried to beat him up once for calling me elvira. we had just gotten in to a fight, i told him to fuck off, or something. so left the room, came back a few minutes later to get my stuff. it was just us and a few students. he gave me this snotty look and said "what are you gonna do, elvria?", so i picked up the books closest to me and threw them at him, then attacked. he said i kicked him in the nuts, but i actually forgot to do that this time. of course, he was kissing my ass again in no time.

so many weird, fucked up people and theyre all attracted to me.

the weird thing is when i was in public school, everybody loved me. even the cop who thought i was on drugs since the first day of 7th grade. the principle was bending over backwards to change my schedule so that i could wake up late, go to all the lunches and not get in to trouble with the police or my mother, who didnt ever stop bitching and trying to get me locked up (i went in at snack break went to one class, i think, had lunch, ran errands for people, went to the second lunch [they had to split the lunches cause of all the fights n shit], went to one more class, then went home). as soon as i started going to non-public school i had problems with most of the administration . there were the few that would always help me out and cry when id switch schools. man those people that are all like "swear up and down they give a shit and thats why they work were they work, are pure evil. i had one principle throw a fit when the counselor from the high school wanted me to take the chspe (ged for people under the age of 18), so i could get on with my life and get the hell away from my mom. the bitch was like "helllll no. shell pass and be done with school. thats not fair". what kind of shit is that. youd think shed be happy about my being able to finish high school at 15, but nooooo.

its getting late. maybe i should clean last.

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