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ahhh, the weekend.

this week zoomed right by.

i bought a neato camrea. i cant wait for it to get here. i was talking to one of my classmates about it and she was like "this is the best camera" (the one she just bought), but at lunch jag compared the two, then when i got home i did to be sure, and mine is way better PLUS i paid less for mine than she/they did for theirs. ha! i saw some of the pictures that she took throughout the week. they came out real nice. i cant wait to play with mine.

jag gives me ulcers, or something. he pissed me off the other day, and my tummy has been hurting ever since. just like when i lived with him. he is very bad for my health.

speaking of... i love ensure. that shit fuckin rules. its like caaaaaaandy. i also like the dr. soy bars, and vitamin water. i think im gonna buy thses things in bulk, if i can. then ill always have something to eat or drink since none of it has to be refrigerated and it wont get icky in my bag by the end of the day.

so the people in my class are getting annoying. one of our instructors was like "do i need to pair people up, or do you guy still get along" we were like, "nah, where cool", and he said, "ahhh, everyone doesnt hate each other yet". i thought that as funny, cause everyone is starting to get on each others nerves. a few of the girls became real clicky. some of em are getting to be annoying. obnoxious, even. i thought i was the only one getting irritated at first, but other people are feeling it as well. its like SHUT THE FUCK UP. i dreamt i killed one of the girls last night. didnt feel bad about it at all, i was more worried about being in trouble, than anything. though, in the same dream i gave one of the other girls (this chick form japan. shes so sweet) a bruise and i felt sooooo bad. these annoying chicks say shit like "i never talk shit", yeah fuckin right. make-up artists (including them) talk more shit than anyone. every thing is wrong with everything anybody else does. "did you see this", "did you see that". at least my shit talking has nothing to do with cutting each one of them and/or their work down. theyre just fuckin annoying and i have no problem with saying it out loud. though, i shouldnt. gotta work on that.

oh, yeah. there is this dude. almost every chick wants him. i had never even heard of him till i started to read all your posts about how hot he is n shit like that. fact is HES GAY, but i aint gonna tell you who. just remember, THEYRE ALL GAY. i really cant think of any guy who doesnt hook up with guys and/or stick toys in their ass. lord knows, i seem to attract and date them. though only briefly, in most cases.

ive been sitting for jerry this week cause he wanted to take his beauty test. he is a doll. he should become straight and marry me. hes sweet, neat, clean, good looking, has nice body, and i bet he cooks. damn him!#$@!#$!@#$@! i guess i should just take the fact that asked me to sit for his beauty/glamor test as a compliment and stop cursing his gayness. %!@#%!@%!%!@#! hes rad.


Greetings from LiveJournal!

First off, I wanted to thank you for being a member. I also wanted to
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LiveJournal prides itself on being supported and developed by the
people who use it. We are run primarily by dedicated volunteers from
around the world. We don't want the uglier, more commercial aspects
of the Internet to intrude on things as personal as someone's
journal. That's why LiveJournal is completely banner free! We intend
on keeping it that way, but that means that we must rely on your
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Please take the time to visit
and renew your membership. There are membership levels as inexpensive
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Our goal is for LiveJournal to pull ahead of the constant need for
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I hope I've convinced you that LiveJournal membership is something
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hear from you and find out what would convince you to become a
LiveJournal member again. Please feel free to email me at if I can be of any assistance.

Many thanks,

Mark Kraft

thats what pissed me off about the whole thing. if i wasnt listed as a god damn contact why the hell would i get that fuckin mail. i guess livejournal just decided to send that to me at random. fuckin bullshit abuse team.

oh, god. i love how idiots try to tell me im an idiot. i always, (well, not always but sometimes. you know how it is), get these tards who wanna tell me that my life is so fucked up and its all because i was born to be a loser or whatever. ok, well thanks for the fuckin crystal gazing, but learn how to spell the words youre using to tell me that *im* a loser, at least. its like these idiots think that if they call other people names then that will make them superior. get a fuckin clue. what *really* gets me is, what makes these idiots think i give a shit or want them msging me at anytime? are they that pathetic, that they have to go find people that would never wanna have anything to do with them and try to force their opinion about *anything* on them? i guess so. people i know in real life can tell me i suck, but if they cant tell me why, then i dont give a shit. i dont give a shit about anything anyone has to say unless they have something to back it up. its just frighting to know that these people are out there, living amongst us, reproducing n shit. hrm. maybe not. i dont see how these people could find anyone who would wanna sleep with them, cept for maybe on of their inbred cousins.

so all of you future annoying people, at least try to make sense when attempting to make me feel bad about myself. if youre not even gonna try, then dont bother. ok? thanks.

my tummy has put me in a bad mood. think ill nap and be glad i dont have to wakeup early tomorrow morning.

aw, man. i have to return a movie. i wanted to nap :o\

hiedi is never gonna get herself out of debit with people or the state. she doesnt even try.

my insurance company says my rates might not go up. thatd be nice. well see.

glen is about to be on his rag.

ok, now im really off to return this damn video.

wait, no. i wanna bitch about something else. though, i cant think of anything. things are actually ok, right now. cept for my damn tummy. i think i need to relax, hardcore. someone send me the weed.

where the hell is my vibrator, steve?

there is a bunny hopping around in our parking lot. i scared it as i was walking to my car.

now i can do as a please. yay. stupid weekend is never long enough.

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  • remember me?


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  • same ole, same ole

    been thinking about moving. not sure where i want to go, but i want to at least visit somewhere for a while. i need a change. glen thinks thats why i…