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queen helene mint julep mask

ive got that shit on my face. i used to wear it school everyday. the boys did like that very much. anyhow, i think its helping. ive been breaking out on areas of my face i have never broken out before. i think its that damn lotion they gave us. no one wants to use it cause they say it made them break out. i just figured i was breakin out cause thats what i do sometimes. guess ill stop usin it and see what happens.

yesterday i ate so damn much. i ate a small(?) pizza, peanut butter and banana, had like 2 things of ensure, took all my vitamin supplements, and i forget what else. by the time i figured it was a good idea to sleep, i thought, "i wanna drink one more ensure", buy the time i finished it off i thought i was gonna explode. now im drinking my first for today. these suckers are thick, and make me full fast. when i take them to school i usually buy a stick of jerky to munch on for 99¢ and drink my ensure and im full. i could live off this ensure crap. when my friend went into the hospital cause shed been barfing up all her food (bulimic) and didnt have any vitamins in her they pumped her full of ensure to make her healthy again. she hated it, but i love the crap. it says i should consult my doctor if its to be my used as my only source of nutrition, but i bet 5 would do. maybe 6. then i would never have to cook again. how sick is that. awwwyea. though, with the pills, ensure, and vitamin water i think im pumping myself full of too much of certain vitamins. i hate math.

so, yesterday i woke up at 5am, though "oh, helllll no" so i went back to sleep till 8am. in that time i had a dream that i was in my room in some foreign house and bella (scotts daughter) came in at first i was like "wtf, this is weird", then i thought, she probably doesnt even remember who i am, but she said my name (or tried at least) and gave me a big hug. i was happy that she remembered, then her and her kitty (she has a kitty?) got in my bed and i guess wanted to nap. then someone came in, i forget who, to tell me that scott dumped mel (the ex wife) and i was like "huuuh?, what happened to that other nutjob (shannon)". i dont recall getting a story on that one. anyhow, then he came in to get bella and stared talking to me. i dont remember exactly what he was said, though. probably cause he didnt say/do anything out of the ordinary. then i remember being in a mall, or theme park, but im not sure with who. some shit like that where people walk round a lot. i think i was looking for someone or running away from someone. i woke up just after that.

i think i had the dream cause just the other day i was thinking to myself how amazing it is that he was a person who had a major part in my life at its lowest point (we used to talk a lot when i was glued to this thing) and now i dont even think about him. well thats not entirely true. certain people remind me of him (chason :oP) and there is this picture that also reminds me, but only for a second. as soon as i look at something else, i forget again.


oh, yeah. in my dream he had also put on a few pounds (thats putting it lightly). i think i also decided in my dream that he is dying of cancer. if youve ever met him you know what im talking about. he looks like he is.

ok, so now i have to figure out what to do with my day. tomorrow i have to call and find out if theyre shipping out my camera. i didnt receive a confirmation email or nothin.

im thinkin. i wanna get my skin resurfaced, so i wanna find out how much my payments would be every month. i also want to get my teeth fixed (bleached & capped). i thinkin i might want braces for a year just cause my wisdom teeth on the bottom are shifting all my teeth around. though, i like that look (straight teeth on top and jacked up teeth on bottom). i dont know why. it works well for me too. my top teeth are so big no one ever even gets to see the bottom ones. that and my lips cover it up as well. like, my front tooth has a huge chip in it, but if i smile my bottom lip covers it. its only open my mouth you can see it. i still wouldnt mind braces for a year. i probably wouldnt even need em that long.
i just wanted some pallets. why wont they accept orders from the general public, damnit. i dont wanna go to namies again. everyone is trying to make their commission there. everytime you turn around there is someone up your ass trying to "help". even as i was getting on the elevator to leave this dude asked me if he could help. just shut up and let me do my shopping. ill ask someone if i need help, people. i should go to the mac store. got a 40% discount there. awwwyea.
ve neill came in to chat with us on friday. shes pretty cool and her brushes rule. i love the feel of the hair used for the concealer brush. its my favorite to use, just cause i know how niiice it feels against the skin. i almost bought one of her brush roles since she was selling them to us at a discount, but then i thought "i want a belt not a roll", plus she didnt have anything in the fabric i liked. mrs hay showed us a rad one, but it turns out she changed fabrics every few months and never uses them again. if you miss out, youre assed out. so im just gonna make my own. i might just buy a basic black brush roll at namies, or somethin, till i make my monster of a belt. awwwyea.

oh, yeah. i may have a tfp (time for print) shoot sometime next week. that should be fun. i cant wait to put neato pictures in my book. oh wait, ive gotta get the book made first. heh. i think im gonna wait till some decent prints to put in it before i blow 200$ on the book.

i want to play with my freakin camera nowwwwww!$@#!$@!#!

weird. someone just called me and it was the wrong number. she was all talkin to me in korean n shit. i never get calls from wrong numbers on my cell.

think ill watch a movie. i have to return a knights tale. ive kept on it for so long and have gotten any new movies, i could have saved the money i paid to netflix this past month, and just bought the damn thing for myself.

glen is gonna let me age him and stick a bald cap on him. hes got smile lines that i figured would make aging him easy, plus hes 31 (old :oP) AND he has short thin hair. once i figure out how to do it, it should be cake. so that should be fun, or not if i fail, which most people do at *least* a few times :o\

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