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yum yum in my tum tum

made spaghetti cause im too lazy to make anything else, and ate it all. i didnt mean to. i was hoping to have some for later, but now its all gone.

gonna cut my hair. gonna get it done, instead of doing it myself. think i want it super duper short. the only thing is its sooo long now. if i get it chopped and hate it, ill want to kill. ill have to leave the front long, though. id go insane if i didnt have something to tuck behind my ears.

Poll #51334 snip, snip.

cut the hair?


before i do any of this im gonna talk to mrs. hay. shes a wig maker and wanna i see about what can be done if i decide i to have long hair for a night, and not have it look like a gay ass wig. ill probably just end up with some sort of extensions, or somethin once it gets cold. oh well. i hate my hair. the only thing that sucks is all the people who tell me how nice it is (liars!). makes me feel bad for wanting to chop it all off. maybe ill check out some wig shops next weekend. ive gotta buy wig tape anyhow.

i just missed all the sales all the good computer sales. now i have to wait :o\

hahah. i just checked my txt msgs. it seems that one retard is all upset cause i called him an idiot. his comeback was "at least i start my sentences with a capitol letter, you dont know how to do that". there is a difference between not knowing how to hit the shift key while typing the first letter of a sentence and not wanting to. i cant believe he came at me with that and left out all the other things i choose not to do. is that all he noticed? could he really be *that* stupid? i think so. poor thing.

i think see a trend in your answers :oP

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