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im real good at blowing money i aint got. so there goes almost another grand :o\ remind me not to eat or leave the house for the next few months, ok? ok.

gonna age glen tomorrow. hopefully hill party all night, work early in the morning and look super haggard by the time i get him, cause thatll make my job soooooo much easier. i think ive only seen 2 people pass that fuckin test. how hard could it be? i swear, this class is like the test you used to have to take to join the union. cept we get a bit more time to complete it, only we dont get good heath insurance :o\

oh, yeah. my teacher says we should have gotten our shots before playing with the hackle this week. one chick already had to go to the doctor because of the evil hackle (she stepped on it. lord knows how). i stabbed myself with it a few times, and i dont feel good. where to i sign up to sue?

i still dont know if those people are gonna sue me, or what. i should ask to use the school phone so i can make a statement. they wouldnt take one over the cell.

damn, im still really pissed about the 40$ i spent at stats a few weeks ago. i wonder how long im gonna be pissed about the money i just blew. hrm. oh well. i can sill pay off most of my credit card, i think. im gonna see about getting a lower interest rate, and if they dont give me one im gonna pay the thing off and close the account. I think theyll lower it, but maybe I should get a backup, just incase they dont and I have to close the account.

wtf. i just got spam in my personal email account. not the one at, that one gets nothing but spam. ive never gotten spam in my personal account before. sooooo saaaaaad. the whole reason i switched is so that i didnt have to hunt through spam to get to to my real email. i dont waaaaaaanna have to hunt through spam :o\ it may be time use one of my other email accounts for the real email.

i really should start workin out. walking, jogging, anything. its a shame i wont. i dont know. maybe ill buy a home gym when i get my own place, then ill have no reason not to work out other than im lazy. though im sure id use it. im one of those people that will end up working out cause she got bored and it was the only thing around, she hadnt played with. its just getting me to wanna clean up, put clothes on, leave the house, or even create an area for exercise here, that kills the mood. there is just no way. maybe ill have a patio, and ill stick it out there. or maybe ill just stick it in a corner in my apartment. who knows. maybe i need a workout buddy. better yet, i need a gym membership, and i need to date one of their hot personal trainers, or at least drool at them while i work out. awwwyea.

by the time i buy a pair of glasses, ill have blown at least a grand. go me.

im gonna sell this computer and use that money to buy a new one. i wanna do that NOW, but jags says to wait till there is a big sale. i fuckin hate waiting.

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