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its hotttttttttttt in heeeeeeere

so fuckin hot. i left the computer on all day and that makes the room soooooo fuckin hot. damnit. oh, well.

went to the store and saw lu-lu (looouuurrrdes), and her son. shes fuckin knocked up again. crazy bitch. she says "noooooo moooooore". silly girl.

so no test shoot tonight. everyone has a cold. im kinda lucky that id dont get colds/sick much. youd think my immune system would be really crappy.

glen came to my school yesterday and let me paint him real ugly. i thought i did a really horrible job, but i passed. which reminds me, i need to ask mr. hay why she passed me. i dont feel it was good enough. it was pretty bad.

ive got lots of hooooooomework tonight, but i think im gona nap first. i dont feel like doin shit right now, but then again, when do i ever?

oh, my ex school called today and offered to schedule me in for some extra training cause they were lazy while i was there, but i said i couldnt come cause i have school. that better not be the end of it. i was some of my fuckin money back.

must pee before anything.

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