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bitch bitch bitch

my teeth are sharp. i was chewing gum the other day and bit a hole in my mouth. i thought it might go away on its own, but it didnt cause i didnt take care of it properly. usually if i put tons of crap on the cut before it turns into a sore, itll go away. this time i didnt do shit. the hole is fuckin deep, and anoying as hell. i want it to go away *now*.

i was just thinking about seeing lu-lu the other day. i wasnt interested in chatting. which was weird cause i hadnt seen the chick since just before i moved to seattle, and only spoke to her once after that. to top it off, i like the bitch a great deal. i just dont give a shit anymore. i used to think i cared. i dont, really. id like to talk to stuart once more and i wish id have kept in touch with a few people from one of the homes i lived in when i was like 14, but thats about it. oh well. this was to be expected with time.

another thing. the disappearance of internet people. i notice, but i dont think i give a shit. i notice that my friends page isnt being updated as much as it used to. some people have disappeared. there are less and less people on my aim list these days. it seems that everyone is getting a life, or something. which is good. i just dont care enough to wonder what happened to these people anymore. people come and go. no biggie.

so i was up at the crack of dawn on a saturday, yet again.

i think i wanna move to new york.
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