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my mom lost one of her cats. of course this is my fault. she says i must have let him out when i came home, but i had so much crap the cat wouldnt have been able to get out. anyhow, the cat was here last night. i had to tell him to get out of my way cause i couldnt shut the bathroom door with him sleeping there. anyhow, she opened the door who knows when cause some carts were fighting. i think the cat ran out then. she says the cat couldnt have cause the screen door was closed, but the cat is gone and i know i didnt let him out so who the hell could have. now shes just crying and screaming. ive had to listen to this since 6am. i want to take a shower but not here. the bathroom is foul. i dont know when the last time she cleaned the litter box. she was acting like she was gonna do it yesterday, but never did. so now the bathroom smells like piss and there is a huge trash bag blocking the sink. the cat probably ran out so find somewhere clean to take a dump. my guess is the cat is in there house dead somewhere and thats why hes not comin out. though she probably did let him out, though shell never admit it. itll always be "naomi let him out when she came home". i even reminded her that i had to tell the cat to get out of my way while she was telling me not to do anything with the trash bag cause she was gonna clean the litter box. of course she doesnt recall. oh well. i do, and i know i didnt let the cat out. so this is not my fault. i know this was all after i came home cause before i left i took a shower and there wasnt a trash bag in the bathroom. when i came home there was. then when i went to the bathroom the cat was laying next to it. so the cat was here when i went to sleep. now hes not. not my fault.

anyhow, i want to take a fuckin shower so i can go to school. i dont know how im gonna do this. i cant breath in there cause the litter box smells so bad.

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