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so im gonna post.

i get to go attend a brush up course for journeymen (union people), today. i volunteered to sit as a model, so i get to have matte adhesive alllll over my face. oh joy. at least im allowed to take notes, and the other people (bitches) that volunteered wont be able to speak/ask questions (its only for journeymen, so were not allowed to participate. just observe). man, i am dreading the kissing ass and sucking up (some people consider this "networking") im gonna be around, for 8 hours. blah.

one last thing about the bitches. i like how bitch #1 was trying to play hero to mr.k, and bitch #2 talked shit to me about how i shouldnt have gotten mad at her for cutting my ear in front of the guest instructor (mr.k). WTF, YOU CUT MY EAR AND WHEN I MADE A NOISE YOU DIDNT STOP, SO I SAID FUCK. IT FUCKIN HURT. HAVING YOUR EAR CUT WITH A PAIR OF SCISSORS IS MORE PAINFUL THAN I IMAGINED. NOT TO MENTION IT NEVER STOPPED HURTING CAUSE YOUR STUPID ASS PUT GREASE PAINT OVER MY EAR. ITS NOT MY FAULT HE WAS STANDING RIGHT THERE WHEN YOU DID IT. then when mr. k was leaving he said you guys were a really good class, there was no fighting or anything, and i was like ""heh. if you say so", then he said, "no, you guys were really good. ive had classes where ive had to pull girls apart". so im thinkin the whole world had a secret crush on him, or somethin. im thinkin all the fighting has to be because all the girls get whacked out cause there is a cute guy in the room. everything is 100% calm when we have girl instructors, but as soon as we have one that is, male, on the younger side and cute, the class gets obnoxious cause theyre all trying to be clever and cute. ALL YOU HOES ARE IN LONG TERM RELATIONSHIPS AND MR.K IS ENGAGED. get the fuck over it, and leave me alone.

ooo, and i was just thinking. maybe thats why she cut me. cause he was standing right there and she got nervous. also, shes pretty careless with the scissors. ive always had a problem with her using them on me, but she would always get mad like i was a bitch for getting nervous (like when she had the scissors against my lip as she was cutting the beard) . geee, i wonder why. yet, im the villain. oh well.

ok, im gonna bitch some more, because i can and its better to do it here than to someone in my class.

there is this other chick in the class. annoying as hell. she never shuts her mouth. she always trying to be the center of attention. either she whispering to her friends behind me, or shes trying to be clever.

the other day she made cupcakes for two of the other girls cause it was their birthday (bitch #2 and one of their friends). she was asking mrs. fry what to do with them and where we were going to be. mrs.fry said you can take the cupcakes downstairs, but i wanna talk to the class cause up here first, cause its hard to talk to them in the lab. so she goes into the classroom and tells everyone to go downstairs. now, i only overheard this conversation cause i was in the hallway and they were at the end of it talking. so when i saw everyone leaving to go downstairs, i figured she knew something i didnt. so i didnt say shit. then one of the guys was downstairs cleaning up. he was like "i think you guys are supposed to be upstairs. i just heard her announce it over the speakers a few minutes ago" and the girl wanted to argue with the guy about it. so he called upstairs and mrs.fry said "yeah, everyone upstairs". so we all went back up. then the chick was all pissed cause shes a fuckin idiot who wasnt listening and got it wrong. so shes sitting behind me, going off. "fuckin crazy bitch. she told me she wanted everyone to go down stairs. blah, blah, blah. more bitching. blah, blah, blah". i got sick of her talking shit about someone who #1. is a great instructor. 110% on top of things #2. didnt give her the wrong information. she just wanst paying attention. so im like, "she said she wanted to talk to us up here before we went downstairs", "thanks a lot, naomi", "well, she did", "she was talking to me", "i know, and i over heard her say she wanted us up stairs, to you". so, finally she shut up, because then she was over mrs.fry and was pissed at me. fuck her. like i care if shes pissed at me. i just wanted her annoying ass to shut the fuck up.

blah, blah, blah. i could go on forever about this group of girls. whats scary is they just got an apartment together. 4 girls in a 2 bedroom apartment in hollywood (arent they just too cool. they could have gotten something cheaper if they didnt have to be so "hollywood"). the 3 most annoying ones and one of their friends from out of town.

whats weird is none of them have a job. so, i have no idea how theyre puling it off. hrm. also, 2 out of the 4 have a boyfriend. privacy anyone? like sharing a room with another girl isnt bad enough, where are they gonna take those guys? why would someone with a boyfriend want to share a room with a chick and an apartment with 3 other girls instead of her man. i know one is in san deigo at the moment (army or some shit) but i think the other is local and im pretty sure he has a place of his own. i heard he was 30 something.

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