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it was only a temp page.

i slept for 14 hours. go me. i cant believe the weekend is over already. hopefully this week will go by quickly and i can sleep for another 14 hours, reeeal soon.

i wish i had dsl. i needs me some dsl. i hate having to wait forever for shit to load.

for xmas i think im gonna put a laptop on my credit card. im so in debit, but i dont care.

im trying to figure out what i want to do. i think im gonna start workin to pay off some debits. in a year if, im not happy, im movin to new york/jersey. yeah, i think thats the plan. not sure. itll probably change, but as of this moment, thats the plan. ill probably give myself 6 months to a year to decide if i wanna stay there or not.

i nearly passesd out at school yesterday. i was sooo sleepy, but as always the day flew by and it was time to go home before i knew it. it took forever to get the matte adhesive to come off my face.

i wanna go to dennys, or ihop for some reason. maybe bobs big boy. i also want to go to the beach, but its dark and cold out. the beach is probably windy and freeeeeezing. think ill smoke some weed and try to sleep some more, instead. maybe read or type my notes up. im better at doing those types of things when im stoned cause i get all in to it. i tend to not become distracted as easily, or too easily. depends.

i havent been able to get the rest of my student loan, cause the check says to naomi AND jeff not OR. so it seems that i am screwed for the time being. dunno. they want a payment in a few weeks, too. from naomi AND jeff, which is fuckin retarded, and i cant do. im gonna have to call them and jeff :o\

so im set, i suppose. not much else for me to do, other than pay of debits. everyone tells me its gonna be real rough getting work for the first year, at least. i guess its a good thing i have something to fall back on. i need less debits and more money.

oh, yeah. that paypal dude gave me a big raise, but i couldnt accept. what a shame :oP

2 people online in my main buddy lists. one idle and the other "away". people are disappearing like crazy. no one is ever on anymore. 12 are on in my other buddy list folder. i dont talk to those people much, though. anyhow, only 4 of them arent either "away" or idle. everyone went and got themselves a life.

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