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adding to my plan.

i have home study courses to become a personal trainer, yoga instructor and a few other wellness oriented type things. i ordered them back when i started massage, and totally forgot about them. so now im thinkin, when im done with this course, ill decide on what to do. work for someone, intern, apprentice (doubtful), freelance, take some classes at the community college, or whatever. no matter what i decide, i should have a lot more free time than i do now. in that time i can complete some of my homestudy courses, just to get them out of the way since they are already paid for n shit. that, of course, will give me more options as to what can do to pay off debits and not feel like im stuck. once im done with that, i can order the last of the home study courses i wanted to take, finish that, take the state exam and be pretty much done with my short term education (sorta, if i end up in new york/jersey ill continue. there are a few things i want to take out there). its gonna take about a year to complete my homestudy courses and figure out if im gonna get anywhere with this make-up thing. if not, i can then decided wether or not i want to keep going, start something else, or go to new york/jersey. the cool thing is if i do end up on the east coast, itll be next year around this time. you know that that means? SNOW (eventually). the only time i have ever seen *real* snow is when i lived in new jersey. i think thatll be pretty cool. plus i can always work out there as well. cept for massage. id need another 500 hours of education in new york. im not sure about new jersey. its a good thing im writing this all down, cause i know my mind will wonder off in a few minutes.

my pony tail is too tight. my scalp hurts.

i didnt know there was matte adhesive on the back of my neck. oh yeah, that bottle i spit a week ago wasnt the matte adhesive, it was surgical adhesive. even better :o\

damnit. i took my hair down and my scalp *still* hurts. im not pmsing. wtf.

livejournal is brokededed, still. maybe its just mine. that would be my luck.
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