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creating something that looks like a dead body isnt nearly as icky as the research you have to do beforehand.

i got home pretty fast. it was so dark and im so out of it i didnt realize i was almost home before i started calling people to keep me awake while i was driving. all of a sudden i recognized something and i was like "whoa, im home". pretty cool, cause im fuckin tired. tomorrow is friday, which means more sleep is to come reeeeeeeeal sooooooon. i dont know why ive been so tired lately. anyhow, hung out with jeff a bit, got some things taken care of, ate, and here i is.

i am so screwed. i have at least 5 tests due, and more coming up. im never gotta get them completed, i know it. i wish i had a brother or sister to drag to school with me.

the lump in my breasts is bothering me. its like burning or something. feels icky. that means its a cyst, right? i better not be dying. if you people think im bad now, just wait till i find out im dyin. all hell will break loose.

hrm. bed is coming on to me. think i may have to give in to temptation very soon. for once im not hungry and my mom just said she bought a sandwich for me. wtf?!$@#?!$@#?

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