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today has been decent so far

i almost received a parking ticket, but arrived there just as the lady was writing it up.

went to dinner at eddies, on friday. that was cool. met him, his adorable girlfriend, and a few of their family & friends. was there till ~1 am. im surprised i didnt fall down and passout. ive been so sleepy lately.

tomorrow is gonna be a long day, but its gonna go by quickly, i think. gonna tattoo glen like a salior in class. its our little project. on friday we have another project. the cutest little girl from japan (ive worked with her a few times. it is always such a pleasure. she never whines, or complains. i ask her 1782537812356x if shes ok, and if im hurting her. she says stuff like, "no. im strrrrrrrrong" and "i liiike it", even when i know i am [not bad though]. she doesnt even wince)... wtf, was i saying? oh yeah. she asked me to be her partner on friday. she says that she is gonna turn me into a sexy cat who gets hurt a lot. i dont know what im gonna do to her. shes so cute its hard to make her look anything but.

today the only guy in the class (the one who is really great, but not into chicks. go figure, eh? such a shame) found out i cant take a compliment very well. he was like, "your 3rd degree burn looked great" (it was my first and on him. i whipped it out in ~30 minutes, cause bautista was teaching it while the students were working on it, then it was my turn, so i only had about that much time left cause his mom waiting/visiting from texas), but, wtf was i say again? oh, yeah. everytime hed tell me how good it was, id be like "i didnt like it".

hrm. i have to do something in a few minutes. i wonder how im gonna pretend to be unstoned. shit.

i slept all weekend.

like the order?

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