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its weird

im noticing shit i never noticed before. about the people in my class, about films, about makeup. very strange.

we did period makeups today. it was sorta nice to have a break from the fx stuff. there are things i used to do things with my makeup that were *the* trend in the 20s and 60s that i didnt even know about. i just did it cause i thought it looked cool. now i want a fuckin theme everytime i leave the house. i need a to find two roommates that do hair and wardrobe. ha. thatd be rad. actually i could do it all myself, im sure. im just too lazy and dont want to do the research.

im hungry. someone should bring me sushi. they have the sushi trays at the liquor store near school that werent half bad, but they sell out so fast i can never seem to get one.

melissa joan hearts (the chick from "sabrina, the teenage witch") personal makeup artist was our instructor today. she seems like cool people. just about all of my instructors do.

i want an airbrush. its a shame the compressor is so fuckin expensive.

i gets me a discount on contacts and glasses now. awwwyea. though, im not sure how much. dr. sumner just said id get a discount. "a Cum Laude graduate". heh heh. neato. i tried on the cat eye lenses and some grey ones that made my eye seem purple. they thought that was weird.

jan (administrative director(?)) is fuckin cool.

i think i wanna become a lens tech. totally. i dont want to get in trouble if i have to stick something in someones eye. hrm. maybe i can get around it. ill have to find out.

i said totally. my god. i think i head the scottish chicks voice too much.

we were talking about trends in class, then when got home i had an email about a fat imposter. so now that im thinking about it, why the hell do people follow celebrities/fashion/trends? i dont get it. oh well. im just glad that i know that when i go shopping for clothes, i buy the stuff i do cause i think it looks good. when i put on my makeup i do what i do cause i think it looks neat. not because the industry said thats whats hip. its also probably why i dont feel the need to throw away clothes after every season. i didnt buy them cause they were "cool", i bought them cause i liked them..
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