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typed last night, but not posted.

ive now lost my book, and all my notes from the past few weeks. you have no idea how unhappy i am about this. i dont know what else i lost, cause im not sure of what was in my folder. to top everything off, i still dont have a model for tomorrow dont have a model for tomorrow. if im lucky, ill at least find my stuff. hopefully someone didnt steal it. either its here or someone in the school found it. it only goes in and out of my kit. i checked my car and and its there. i want my fuckin notes. i can get a new book, im never gonna remember what i wrote.

so... they had my folder at school. id been missing since tuesday and i didnt even know it. i took one of the test i needed to take and passed, first try. i left my keys on top of my car from 10am to 4pm, in hollywood. both my car and my keys were just where i left them.

man, last night was shitty. i was going crazy cause i didnt have anyone to test on and i thought my notes were gone forever. so i call jag to bitch. his ass didnt know what to do with himself at 1am while im all pissed of so hes all "its gonna be ok, honey. everything will be ok, sweety. what *SIZE* was your notebook?" so im all going psyco and hes asking me weird questions like what size is youre folder. he always does shit like that. hell just talk and talk and talk, and not think about what ehs saying im pissed off to begin with and hes asking me stupid questions. sometimes hell re word the same shit, or just come up with something even more retarded to say. so im like "WTF DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING. ITS NOT HERE. IF ITS NOT AT SCHOOL, ITS GONE". so i got to yell a bit, my mom told em to shut up a few times cause i was gettin loud, but id didnt care and i was whacked out enough that she left me la lone cause shed have never made it though alive if she tried to fuck with me. jag said that if i didnt find it today then i could call him and yell at him again. hes in canada right now, so hell wont know that i found the folder until i till him i did. since i dont think hes gonna make much of an effort to check livejournal at his familys house. i should call and yell at him just for fun.

anyway. passed that test on the first try. so 2 test on the first try, and 1 test i need to take over (its the easy one too, i just never gave myself enough time). so one more hard test, then a few smaller ones that aint shit. so two more tests that i need to get out of the way, and and the rest should be smooth sailing. they said i could test those on the last day of school, so id better practice. cause if i dont pass on my first try, im fucked. and i dont wanna be fucked.

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