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oh yeah

i was thinking about yesterday, a year ago today, yesterday (haha). i remember sitting at my computer, i think i was pissed at jag for being alive and talking to scott about the move back to los angeles (hes the one who i was to room with until i jot a job). people were dead, airplanes stopped taking off so i couldnt go anywhere, like i wanted to get on a plane after that! hahaha. jag was trying to keep me there i went whacko and tried to kill him. then he let me go. i remember the look in his face. heh. i think i could tell you exactly what was going on in his head at that very moment. hrm. i think i have a pretty good understanding of how his brain works. scotts too, for that matter. this is killing my high. need to think about something else now....

this weekend im gonna learn how to use my camera and a real camera. yay for photographers. he has a book coming out soon . yay for picture books?

little japanese girl gave me a graham crackers before she left. id forgotten and just found it. yay for little japanese girls with graham crackers.

my back hurts.


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