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who be graduating on time

me. took the test today, and passed. yay. i dont need to cry anymore and now i know who isnt my friend. good deal. i was all whacked out about laying a beard. it aint easy. my current instructor had to take that test 7 times before he passed (i took it twice. the first time i ran out of time and didnt get to finish and this time i passed). go me. i rule. now i can point and laugh at all the people who arent graduating on time. just kidding. ill still be there that testing day to sit for anyone who needs to test, but im in the clear. now when i start balling itll people wont think its because i still have to test, itll be because im just a big crybaby.

tonight two movies premier that two of my instructors worked on. i was thinkin about goin, but i am done for the day. im on weekend time. im gonna forget about makeup for the weekend. my finger tips need to recover from sculpting.

oh. fuckin aye. on the way to my car, my sculpture fell apart. thank god i didnt drop the cast, but the fragile bits of clay fell right off. oh well. ive got all weekend to fix, or change my mind and create something else.
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