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i remember when i used to be online at this time and there would be a shitload of people messaging me from my chat lists. now every person that is online is either away and/or idle. crazy.

i should be planning the day or doing something productive, but instead, im here.

i really need to make sure i get shit done this weekend. its like, important now, n stuff.

i need another creditcard, i think. the one ive got is gonna be maxed out soon, and thats what ive been living on for the past year. if i run out of money on that one, im screwed. i hope to start makin money soon. the crappy thing is, i need to spend money to make money. !#$!$#!$#!@$#!@$!

this weekend i think i may be buying myself an airbrush.

okokok. this weekend i should:
clean house.
look over notes and update shopping list, then go shopping.
clean out my old kit then transfer all my shit to the new kit. also, figure out how im gonna pack the new kit without making a mess. decide wether or not im gonna need separate kits.
design business cards.
finish project and paperwork. worry about mail on monday since the school isnt open on the weekend..
pay back a bit of my student loan since payment is due, again. i hate late fees.
buy a calender, or something to stick on the wall that i can write on.
go to a thrift store, and buy something cute that will make me happy.
finish websites. create plan and schedule dates.
write a one year goal sheet so i dont forget stuff or lose track of time.
laundry, laundry, laundry.

hrm. thats not so bad. i think its the shopping the things thats gonna kill me. ill probably spend the entire weekend doing that alone.

if i have time, i hope to play with my cameras. i should buy film.

if i had my own apartment id be soaking in the bathtub right now.

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