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make-up hell

i spent over 500$. uhhh, can you say kit fee? i sure as hell can. fuckin aye. massage is much easier on me than make-up. i hate the beauty supply store, now. i didnt even get everything. i have to spend more money tomorrow. fuck. oh well.

im hungry. really fuckin hungry. there isnt anything decent to eat. spending all that money put me in a foul mood, and now i have to cook in this heat with no air conditioning. oh joy. guess ill cook as i put my kit together.i still need something to separate all of my makeup. fuck.

its funny. when jill rockow(?) came in and did a demo, she said that when she was in school she would get her credit card bill and cry. i feel her pain.

the other funny thing is one of my instructors is friend with the artist who keyed pearl harbor, and because of that movie she put out her own line or red lip colors. my instructor is the cover girl for those lip colors ("nior"). i saw her picture on the display case. it looked nothing like her. shes so cute. but, oh my god she looked sooo different. crazy.

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