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now that im thinking about it... again

everyone that i asked to sit for me when i was desperate to get my testing done so i could graduate, blew me off. not one person came other than glen and glen gave me a hell of a time so i stopped asking since id rather not deal with him. so not one person was just like "sure, i can spare 2 hours". its not like i asked people who have real jobs or anything. even james(eseses) who i believed was gonna call me back, never did. some had lame ass excuses and the rest pretend that i dont exist. they dont even say hi anymore. fuck all these people. i dont want anything to do with them. theyre not friends of mine. fuckin worthless pieces of shit. dwaine just called wanting to hang out. fuck him. he can kiss my fuckin ass and lose my number. i really cant stand anyone when i think about it. i cant think of one person who is decent enough not to lie to me. i hope they all die lonely.

and since i mentioned it, im not gonna be graduating on time. im done with all my testing, but my partner for our final project is a flake and didnt show up on friday. even if she does show up on monday, mrs.fry said that she doesnt want me to apply my piece to her. that i have to find someone else. i couldnt get anyone one for testing with weeks and weeks notice, there is no way im gonna be able to pull a model out of my ass for monday. im not even gonna bother asking. there isnt anyone to ask. no body cares enough about me to sit. just fuckin sit. they wouldnt have to do a thing other than sit. oh well. i know i dont have any friends. its ok, i dont mind. its better knowing that you dont have any friends, rather than thinking you do and finding out that you dont. thats the worst. so this time i need not forget. im gonna get it tattoed. not "you dont have friends, naomi" but something to remind me. i can wait till i have a place of my own so i can truly be alone. i dont want to be bothered anymore. i dont want to deal with people unless im getting paid to do so.

g0sh: i just need a sugar momma
xangelicdestinyx: me too
g0sh: i been looking
g0sh: been doing construction in the rich part of town


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