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who be a joe blasco graduate? i be a joe blasco graduate. went to graduation today. mrs. fry kelsey started balling. evidently we are the first class to finish before the graduation date. today was supposed to be an all testing day, but because we were all finished with our testing, we had graduation at noon. then went to the vermont for food and drinks, took juri home (the chick from japan), and here i is. all done. nothing to do. called chris to let him know we had graduation early and not to come at 6, then glen called to tell me got some weeeeed, so im gonna go party tonight. aint got shit to do tomorrow. oh, wait. im supposed to be looking for work. fuck that tomorrow is my day off, or some shit like that. actually ill probably just do a lot of internet stuff and try to line up some work. got to email some people about the good news. maybe theyll let me assist or something. fuck its hot.

whoa. i just thought about it. the first class in 20 years? thats freaky.
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