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art department

i hear that guys in the art department are usually cute. i wonder if i could find me a straight one. oh, wait. im not to date the people i work with, i forgot. wait a second, was that talent and crew, or just talent. were only crew. i dont know if thats a big no no. i think its ok only after youre done workin together, or some shit like that. hahaha. oh well. at least theyll be fun to look at if if theyre not straight.

im hungry. i dont wanna make food. im still trying to clean in here. i cant deal with anymore messs. i hate not being able to find things (like keys and my cell). its not fun. i have too much crap.

so tomorrow i do my shoot with my beotch. she decided she could spare the 20$ before she got paid. that drive is gonna be fun. heh. i need to buy film cause i wanna take some with that camera, as well. i cant believe she has a job these days, or that she got rid of the girlfriend. shes doing much better.

whoa. im so smart. im gonna rework my entire way of thinking.

there was something weird in peoples eyes after graduation.

my body needs lots of lotion.

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