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dude. preproduction, and set time. im scardedededed.

next week we get stared on head casting, sculpting, n all that. once all the pre production shit is done, i go on set to apply. OMFG. MY FRIST JOB, ON SOMETHING WITH ACTUAL ACTORS I KNOW THE NAMES OF, AND I HAVE TO APPLY A FULL PROSTHETIC. OMG, OMG, OMG. I THOUGHT I WAS GONNA HAVE TO BE POWDER PUFF GIRL OR SOMETHING i feel like im gonna barf. im not even sure what else im gonna have to do, but this is some hardcore shit. im nervous already and the weekend hasnt even started.


okok. i have to stop freaking out. holy shit, i pray there is another girl there. i have a feeling im gonna be the only chick. as if being one of the only chicks on set isnt bad enough, but dude. girls dont usually work in the fx shop with the guys. im gonna be doing that, and going on set. ahhhhhh$@#!$#@#$!

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