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let me explain

prosthetics is part of the job. i know this. but its my first job and have a lot of responsibility (well more then i though id have). ill be there 100% of the way. so much room for error. most of the time theyll have pieces made and send back to the make-up dept to apply. im gonna be there from casting to application. i could break something, glue my hands together, plaster my insides, ANYTHING. ahhhhhhhhhhhh#$@$#!#$@!$@#! i really didnt think theyd trust me with much. i thought theyd just hired me on to make sure everything was ok and chase actors around with a powder puff. i was fuckin mistaken. most people start off with a powder puff, maybe doin beauty make-ups n shit. i cant think of anyone who had to apply a prosthetic on their first job. there is just far too much time and room for error. oh, but the cool thing is i get to learn how to use an airbrush. niiiiiiiiiiice. oh, well. the dept head knows im new. hell be around to help if i get stuck on something. i just pray that by the time i have to go on set to apply, im not as nervous.

oh, i called the chick in my class about my hair, since im not gonna have time for a while. i dont know if i liked the tone of her voice. i told you there was something weird in everyones eyes after graduation. everyone had this look in their eye like "let the games begin". im gonna be pissed if she jacks up my hair. i guess ill dye it tonight so its ready for her.

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