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this is when jag is most tolerable. haha.

jag: honey ?
xangelicdestinyx: ?
jag: =]
jag: was wondering what happened to you, i just checked your journal, whats up with your hair ?
xangelicdestinyx: it was in a knot
jag: you look good
jag: i'd almost forgotten what you looked like, well not really, i mean i remembered, but not like that
xangelicdestinyx: im thinner now
jag: you're still beautiful, i think i'd almost forgotten that part, not that you were, just how it made me feel
xangelicdestinyx: thanks
jag: =]

so i was sittin around feelin all calm n shit. my phone tells me i have vmail. it turns out bautista had been trying to get a hold of me since last night. i remained calm. it didnt sound too urgent. there wasnt any info, just "call me back". so i called him back. he asks if i want to do this prisoner of war type thing. im like, sure. still fuckin calm cause i have the information i need and he said hed give me more on the way down to the site. then he tells me hes got someone else from my class as well. turns out its the one i couldnt stand the most. the one person i really could not stand is gonna be on this with us for the next few days/week. im still pretty calm, but its not the same. this is the lazy ass chick i had to work with for this one project. it was awful. i was like "i never, ever, EVER want to work with her again". i kept saying to myself that the one good thing that came from that project was that i learned about working with other people. and how this girl is an asshole who wont do her research, use common since, or clean up after herself. im already hating this. i called the other chick, and she sounds cool. i know bautista is cool. i know I CAN NOT STAND THIS FUCKIN BITCH. SHIT TALKING. BULLSHIT ARTIST. fuckin aye. tomorrow i have to be all nice and sweet to this skank. im so not happy calm. its more if dont talk to me calm. i hope she doesnt try to talk to me. last time i spoke to her she took everything i said and twisted it then ran to her friends to tell them what a horrible person i am. that was the one and only conversation i had with her. now i have to see her tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that... :o\ oh, well. gotta deal. 2 out of 3 aint bad. at least its not, her *and* her homies. bah.

oh, yeah. they keep pushing back the date on that one film, and hes tired of waiting around so he might not do it (which is why were doing this other thing for the next few days) damn. oh, well. well see. today isnt so great, but at least im not all riled up like i usually am. this calm stuff is nice.

oh, yeah. good lookin, funny cop at court today. says he like cookies and brownies, should i ever decide to visit. wtf? "i dont know her name, but im gonna get her pregnant, barefoot and in that kitchen asap".

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