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guess ill post

since im *that* bored, and there isnt anyone online.

work was fun. the actors were super nice. big children. ever one of those guys. they rule. gnats attck your elbows. the girl i cant stand (the one on my class), did i very good job. i was impressed. connie and i hated just about everything we did. connies shit rocked, though. im too embarrassed watch it. now i know what mrs hay was talking about when she said it hurts to watch tv when youve done the make-up for just about every commercial. annoying people in my class were like "whatever, you love it." i believed her, i just didnt realize how painful looking at your own work can be. the good thing is it was painful for me to look at others stuff at times, as well. shit happens. though my work did suck. id never used those products before, and had to figure em out on set. oh, and the worst is the "making of". where they film the crew, mainly the make-up department gets to be on camera. not only that, but interviewed as well. heh. i ran when ever they were asking people to talk. hellllll no. fuckin aye!$@!#!$! anyhow, the crew was so nice. especially the group of men that were always huddled behind the camera (director n all those people i know the names a faces to but not job titles). they were just as nice as the goofy actors. oh, yeah. the food ruled. one of the craft service guys was actually bringing it to us on set. dinner was around 5pm then sushi and takitos at 10pm. we were pigs. ate lots of candy (mmmm twisters and gummy worms) and chips. the last night we took the tray of sushi away from him, and inhaled as much as we could. needless to say we had to take a shit so fuckin bad.

im bored. ive gotten used to my glasses. i feel like i wanna barf. think ill nap or clean house. id place my bet on nap. maybe ill leave the house today.

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