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oh yeah

i got a fuckin tan. wtf? its been like 20 years since ive had a tan. id forgotten how easily i darken. i cant wait for my mom to start calling me nigger child again. shes not even racist she just likes to call me names. anyhow, its pretty trippy. once i get my skin fixed i wont mind as much, but for now it better stay pretty pale. the last thing i need is splotchy skin. when the hell am i getting my skin fixed, anyway? ive got a fuckin rugburn scar id like to get rid of. i need less bills, more money. more money, less bills.

last night i cleaned up in here a bit. i should probably do laundry. might help cause then i can put those clothes with the rest of the clean ones. theeeeeeere ya go.

i need to get away from the computer. computer baaad.

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