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i did leave the house

i didnt want to, though i did anyway. it sucked pretty much, but connie (make-up artist on the pbs gig) is cool, so i said id go. she wated to see her friends band play, but we missed most of their set. im almost glad. heh. then we went to some bar. it was packed. so creepy. connie and i werent drunk enough to wanna hang there, so we didnt stay long. went to her boyfriends house and watched a movie. then to her place. looked at her portfolio and the pictures she took on set. came home. got bored and went to sleep. connie and i seem a lot alike. she reminds me a bit of hiedi, too. as jag (i hate you) would say. "i like that connie".

this almost doesnt sound right

leigh: I got some tongue. She's a great kisser, but not really my cup of tea.
me: see you should have come down here
leigh: i know. you and i always have a blast. there's no doubt about it.

fuckin bitch needs to move to la or get on a train. im boooooooredededed and i want to take her picture. wish she didnt have that date last night. fuckin aye. i hope i dont end up driving to her house. ive got expensive eye blood i dont know what to do with. daaaaamn me for not thinking. the shit expires soon.

i want a sewing machine. i want lots of neat things. its a shame my credit card is almost maxed out.

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