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more girl talk (from last night that i forgot to post)

"i don't treat guys like that. fuck 'em. i don't feel sorry for guys ever. they're assholes and get what they deserve"

her: you're a lesbo. it doesn't get better.

dude, i thought that eventually sex was supposed to feel good. anyhow, now shes convinced im gay and trying to trick me in to 3way. which reminds me. tom tried to get me to go to some orgy a few weeks ago. hahaha. man, that would have been fucked, i think. either really funny, or fuuuuucked for me.

btw, the quotes were from our chat, not a movie or show.

vanilla supreme protein ensure is fuckin good. better than the other vanilla ensures. i wanna buy that shit in bulk. i think i need a costco card. i could order it online from ensure, but i still think i need a costco card.

i slept the whole night. thats fuckin weiird. usually im up and down up and down. my body seems to understand 8 hours these days.

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